Ways of Development Carrefour: Which way to go?

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In order to be successful in different countries, it is important to consider the cultures of those countries. This includes understanding buying behaviors and decision making processes, as well as traditional and contemporary arts and pop culture. To become a global firm, companies should take advantage of R&D, production, marketing, and financial benefits that are not available domestically. This involves minimizing national boundaries and developing transitional brands. In order to access opportunities around the world, companies should consider market positioning, global competitors, production and sourcing locations, and strategic alliances. Mr. Durant identifies developing countries with hyper mall structures and checks government regulations and supply chain gaps to reduce costs and offer discounts to customers. If demand exceeds supply due to global presence, importing products from other countries is also an option.

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Identify cultures in selected countries that need to be considered in order to be successful?

It is widely known for its traditional arts as well as its contemporary pop culture one must understand the buying behaviors and decision making of the individuals. To become a global firm, ideally company should be taking gains of R&D, production, marketing, and financial advantages in its cost and reputation that are not available purely to domestic competitors. It minimizes importance of national boundaries and develops transitional brands. it raises capital, obtains material and components and manufactures and markets its good wherever it can do the best job. To access opportunities around the world, Mr.Durant should answer some basic questions like:

  • what market position should we try to establish in our country, in our
    economic region and globally?
  • Who will be our global competitors and what are their strategies and resources?
  • where should we produce or source our products?
  • What strategic alliances should we form with other around the world?

Mr. Durant identifies the developing countries where the hyper mall structure has just began and then need to check whether their government rules and regulations pertaining to retail hyper malls. After deciding the country Mr. Durant need to check the demand supply gap in that market and try to reduce the supply chain gap, so that their cost of purchase become less and in the similar fashion they can offer good discounts to their customers. Also if the demand supply gap is more because of their global presence, Mr. Durant can import the products from the other countries.

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