Character Analysis: Ebenezer Scrooge Sample

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You are about to compose a research paper. It will be several pages long. It will be a combination of research you will make from the book A Christmas Carol and your ain ideas and thoughts about and accounts of the information you find in the novel. This means you will be taking citations from the book to explicate your thoughts and observing the page figure of the citations. At the terminal of each numbered subdivision is the recommended minimal figure of paragraphs you should compose in order to to the full reply and explicate the information requested by the subdivision.

Describe Scrooge’s personality at the beginning of the narrative. Cite grounds from the book to back up your averment. Describe how Charles Dickens reveals the personality of this character – straight. indirectly. both. or neither. Again. citation illustrations. Give at least one illustration of Scrooge’s interactions with other characters. at least one illustration of his duologue. and at least one illustration of an action Scrooge takes. each of which should back up your hypothesis. Cite illustrations of how Scrooge acted when he was younger ( either as a kid or a immature adult male ) . And explicate how those illustrations are similar to or different than the manner Scrooge acts at the beginning of the narrative.  Explain why or how Ebenezer Scrooge became the cold. difficult individual we meet at the beginning of the narrative. Cite examples from the narrative.

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Compare Scrooge to one other character from the narrative. State whether Scrooge is really similar to that character. or really different than that character. Show at least one manner he is similar to that character. and at least one manner he is different. Give at least a 3rd illustration that supports the averment you made. that Scrooge is either really similar to or really different than the other character you chose.  Choose the three most of import grounds. events. sights. or state of affairss that cause Scrooge to alter his ways from the beginning of the narrative to the terminal. Mention the illustrations. and explicate why the grounds you chose are the 1s which affect Scrooge the most. doing them the most of import grounds for his transmutation.  Your last paragraph should be a sum-up of Scrooge’s transmutation.  Several lines after your last paragraph. or on a separate sheet of paper. Make a bibliography.

A thorough list of all beginnings and resources used to make a research paper. A bibliography and proper citation is necessary for any work you do that uses person else’s specific words or thoughts. If you do non give recognition to the individual from whom you borrowed the ideas you are Plagiarizing.

Plagiarism is the larceny of person else’s work or thoughts. It is illegal. every bit good as being morally incorrectly ; if you are caught plagiarising. You will about decidedly be failed their likely expelled  and perchance jailed  fined or most likely sued for really big sums of money.

Bibliography-Author’s Last Name. First Name. Book Title. Publisher’s Name. Year of Publication.  ( If you have more than one beginning. you alphabetize them by writer. )  ex. : Hinton. S. E. The Outsiders. Puffin Books. 1997.

In your final draft of this paper  compose the full paper continuously ( make non jump lines between subdivisions ) . In the border next to where each subdivision starts  compose “Part” as appropriate.

Character Analysis Quotation Work Sheet

The undermentioned work sheet should assist you to rapidly and easy roll up the citations you need to finish your character analysis. Remember. these are minimum Numbers of citations ; you may desire ( or need ) to utilize more.

Section 1: Citations that describe Scrooge’s: Personality – Page . “Word picture: Direct – Page . “Word picture: Indirect – Page  . “Personality via interactions with other characters – Page  . “ Personality via duologue ( to others or himself ) – Page . “ Personality via actions ( with others or entirely ) – Page  . “

Section 2: Citations that aid compare and contrast: Young Scrooge via his words ( to himself or others. or from others about him ) – Page  “ Young Scrooge via his actions ( by himself or with others. or from what others say about his actions ) – Page  “

Old Scrooge via his words ( to himself or others. or from others about him ) – Page. “ Old Scrooge via his actions ( by himself or with others. or from what others say about his actions ) – Page . “

Section 3: Reasons why Scrooge became average: Reason # 1 – Page. “Reason # 2 – Page . “

Section 4: Comparison and contrasting Scrooge to some other character ( o. c. ) : Similarity: Quote about Scrooge – Page . “Quote about o. c. – Page  . “Difference: Quote about Scrooge – Page  . “Quote about o. c. – Page  . “Second Similarity or Second Difference: Quote about Scrooge – Page  . “Quote about o. c. – Page . “

Section 5: Reasons Scrooge changed: Reason # 1 – Page . “Reason # 2 – Page . “Reason # 3 – Page. “

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