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Charles Richard Drew Research Paper Charles Essay

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Charles Richard Drew Essay, Research Paper

Charles Richard Drew

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Charles Richard Drew Research Paper Charles
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Charles Richard Drew was born in Washington DC on June 3, 1904 to Charles and Nora Drew. Charles was a rug bed and Nora was a school teacher. Charles was the first of five kids. Turning up, Charles was a superior pupil keeping about perfect classs throughout high school. He was besides a great jock. He became rather expert at many athleticss, executing at an advanced degree in football, hoops, baseball and legion others.

He was best, nevertheless, at football- he played all-American at Amherst College, from which he graduated in 1926.

Had Charles Richard Drew decided to, he could hold played professional football. However Drew had another love- all his life he aspired to be a physician. He was devoted to this, but he did non hold adequate money for medical school. With loans from friends and two occupations he eventually collected adequate fundss to go to McGill University in Montreal.

Drew earned his MD and CM ( maestro of surgeries ) grades in 1933 from McGill and proceeded to finish internship nearby.

After finishing residence he became a pathology teache

R at Howard University.

By 1938, Charles set up a blood plasma system and by 1939 ; he set up a blood bank at the Columbia Medical Center. He made a breakthrough find that blood plasma could replace whole blood, which deteriorated in a few yearss of storage. This find played a major function during World War II where many states experienced utmost casualties. Because of his findings, Charles was appointed to a place with the American Red Cross Donor Service and was named manager of the first Red Cross undertaking to roll up and bank the blood of 100,000 givers.

Drew was invited to a dinner by one of his co-workers. There he met a adult female by the name of Lenore Robbins. They fell in love and were married a twelvemonth subsequently in 1939. They finally had four kids. On April 1, 1950 at the age of 46, Charles Drew was killed in an car accident while on his manner to a medical conference.

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