Cheating is a Bad Practice with No Benefits

As we all should know, cheating is the absolute worst thing a person could do (sarcasm)t It is a disgusting habit that will follow you for as long as your soul lives and although you’ve been told a million times that cheating is bad(Hyperbole), you still continue to do it. This has to come to an end; it’s time to realize that cheaters never prospen Cheating means you’re lazy, instead of kindly and simply asking Jessica for the trig homework, you should struggle, wasting precious hours of your life trying to figure out what seems to be a foreign language. Oh and I don’t want to hear the “my teacher can’t teach” excuse. Lies, why would they hire them if they couldn’t teach? All teachers are qualified to teach because of the simple fact that they are teachers (Irony).

If you don’t understand a topic then that’s your fault, not the teachers, you just don’t know how to learn therefor you cheat, and there‘s absolutely no way to learn when you cheat, you can‘t just simply go home and learn the subject on your own, it’s just not physically possible. Those who cheat don’t care to learn the subject so let’s not even give them the benefit of the doubt. You have to understand that cheating doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. If you cheat on your pop quiz then you’ll cheat on your significant other who will find out, because they always find out, and will hunt down your mistress, kill them, and be convicted with murder.

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Just like that, you’ve turned the love of your life into a murderer and now your life is in shambles. Think twice before you take a slight peep at your neighbor’s test. There’s no benefit from cheating, that A on your report card, smile on your parents face, and bump in your GPA can’t and won’t do anything for you Colleges automatically know that you’ve cheated, therefore they won’t look twice at that 42 cumulative GPA that you’ve cheated your way up to. Be truthful to yourself and accept that 2.0 that you so much deserve. Embrace it, love it, and work on it.

Secondly, cheating can have negative consequences on mental health. The guilt and anxiety associated with cheating can lead to feelings of shame and low self-esteem. It can also cause stress and anxiety about getting caught, leading to sleepless nights and a constant fear of being discovered. Thirdly, cheating can damage relationships. When someone cheats, they betray the trust of others and damage their relationships. This can be particularly harmful in academic or professional settings, where trust and honesty are essential for success.

Lastly, cheating can have long-term consequences. If someone is caught cheating, they may face disciplinary action or lose their job, which can have serious implications for their future opportunities. In conclusion, cheating is a bad practice with no benefits. It is an unethical behavior that can have serious consequences on academic, professional, and personal life. Rather than engaging in cheating, it is important to prioritize honesty, integrity, and hard work to achieve success.

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