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Chief Economic Adviser’s Proposal

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Chief Economic Adviser’s Proposal
As the Chief Economic Adviser, it is my job to propose a plan that will preserve the resources that America inherits from Aliastan. In order to continue obtaining oil and uranium, I believe that we should maintain our friendly relationship between the United States and the Aliastan government. However, the Totalitarian dictatorship brings up a crucial dilemma involving human rights. America needs to keep buying Aliastan’s resources for our own benefit and safety. The United States should talk to the leader of Alistan and try to convince him that enforcing a Totalitarian dictatorship is not the way to lead a country, but a democracy could make the Alistinian people less resentful of their living conditions and of their leader.

Some have suggested using economic sanctions. Using economic sanctions is a fantastic idea; we should try to use our business affairs to solve the violence issue in Aliastan. We should only declare war if our national security is being threatened, or if our alliance has been broken down and they plan to give our resources to another country which plans to use for terrorism.

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Chief Economic Adviser’s Proposal
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The Americans that are currently in Alistan are most definitely not safe due to the fact that the Rebels hate America. In order to keep our citizens save, we must also keep a close eye for any signs of danger and try not to provoke the Rebels. With the best interest of America’s economic advancement in mind, military action may not aid us in any way, shape or form due the Aliastan government may take the action as a threat or a blindside, which would demolish our most important natural resource trade. The benefits of going to war are we may be able to save a few million people from living in a Totalitarian dictatorship. However, if we do not go to war, there is a lot more benefits. If we go to war, we may not be able to keep the friendly relationship between the US and Aliastan intact. We may lose a vital ally, and this ally.

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