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Child challenging behaviour

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This would be done over a few weeks to see if there is a regular pattern or thing that sets this behavior off and to ensure you know what the nouns person needs to help them stop this challenging behavior. Strengths – To find out what that something is that sets off the behavior, and to find ways of dealing with it. To understand the needs of the young person and put into place the right support and get the right specialized professional involved and ensure that they work together to create a plan so that the young person behavior develops in a short time as possible.

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Child challenging behaviour
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To use good strategies to ensure that the behavior is improved and if the young person is being challenging make sure hat there is somebody to help the person working with the young person that they have support to help them and that he gets the right punishments and rewards put into place to make the behavior change.

To also ensure the professional work together and follow the rules, guidelines and put a care plan into place that all professionals working with the young person are followed. Weaknesses- The young person might not have a pattern of when the trigger sets off the behavior.

The young person may not feel able to talk to anybody o professionals can’t provide the right support and care to help make the young person’s behavior improve. Approach to the behavior used would be cognitive behavior therapy as it helps to change the way you think, behave and deal with the behavior. It will help the young person look at the negative behavior, the regular patterns that set the behavior off and ways that you can overcome this bad behavior. This could be the way to talk about how the person thinks about themselves, the world and other people and how what you do effect your thoughts and feelings.

It helps you learn skills for the rest of your life to cope and deal with difficult situations that you may have be in and may be in again. Cognitive behavior therapy helps to overcome their difficulties through changing their thinking, behavior, and emotional responses. It’s to try and help a person think more positively however it’s not just to make them think positively it’s to help them to change the behavior to help them improve how they feel. “Cognitive behavioral therapy (CB) can help you make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. INS. UK) People who can benefit from this are people with anxiety and panic disorder, depression, phobias (including agoraphobia and social phobia), suspicious thoughts, stress, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, anger issues, low self esteem and pain and fatigue. (Craven clinic, 2012) Strengths- This therapy can help the young person let out there feelings and what is going on in their head but mostly to change how they feel to make them become more positive.

To ensure the young arson has somebody to turn to and trust as if he is challenging he may feel everybody is against him and to make sure the young person understands what they have done wrong. Weaknesses- The young person might not attend the sessions as he might not want any help so finding other options to support the young person’s wishes to help him and his behavior change. Evaluating the problems and turning to different methods of approaching the young person’s behavior such as providing active support for the young person, ensuring partnership working or even behavior modifications programs.

Methods of intervention used would be applying medication. The young person has ADD and has to take a medication called Rattail, this helps calm them down as the chemicals in this drug effect there brain and the way they think. The young person must be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the medication is helping and if it is not the must assess the situation incase they need a higher dose. Strategies must be put into place to ensure the young person has the right help and support to make sure the young person can try and change their behavior to become appropriate.

People with ADD can have poor organization skills, trouble to start and finish things, frequent forgetting things such as appointments, frequent interruptions of others, have poor self control, blurt out things that are rude and inappropriate, have addictive tendencies egg: tapping on the table which distracts others, have trouble behaving in socially appropriate ways egg: such as talking to someone when a teacher is talking to them. These could be improved if the young person has a support worker to be with them to tell them what’s right and wrong so they know.

They also have emotional difficulties such as sense of under achievement, trouble staying motivated, don’t deal well with frustration, easily stressed out, irritable, lots of mood swings, hypersensitivity to criticism, short temper and low self esteem this could also be overcome by a councilor or somebody they trust that they can talk to. (Help guide, 2012) Strengths – The medication can control the young person’s behavior to a certain point, ensuring they have the right support put in place helping them get through all the emotions and feelings they may encounter.

To ensure the young person has a dedicated worker to talk to about any concerns or worries that they may have. Weaknesses – if the medication does not work then his behavior could maintain at an inappropriate level. The young person would have to be assessed on a regular basis to see how the medication helps and if there is no progress in the behavior assessing if the doctor needs to give the young person a higher dose of the medication and to also make sure the medication doesn’t cause any serious problems with the young person’s mental, emotional and physical state of mind.

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