Children with Special Needs

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Children with Special Needs When a problem with the vision of a child is missed it can be very detrimental to his physical and cognitive development as well as affect social personality development. In this case Ryan problem was caught and had a good outcome. This is because he got the help that he needed through the school and with the support of his parents. If Ryan’s parents had been uncooperative by refusing to have him tested he would have only became much further behind.

If his parents had been reluctant admit to the possibility I would have discussed his deficit issues. I would explain that sometimes these problems do not come with symptoms that are easily recognized. A child can pass an eye exam and still not be able to read close up work. I would look show by example how his motor skills are affected because he cannot see to get the practice skills he needed to develop at the same speed of the rest of his class.

If they were will not convinced I would attempt to show them by example the problems with Ryan being able to see his work. I would also describe that these kids can have problems with color depth and light, which also make it difficult for a child to learn and a professional needs to diagnose these problems and that no parent could pick that up on those differences. If the parents still were refusing to get the child treated I would delicately inquire about the possibility that the parents cannot afford to get the child treatment.

Some children do not get treatment because the parents are unable to deal with the thought of the cost of treatment. If this was an issue I would refer the family to some community supports. If at this point the child does not get treatment I think it becomes an abuse issue/neglect issue. Ryan’s development would have been continued to be delayed over a treatable issue and this is not acceptable.

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