Chlorofluorocarbons Research Paper Chlorofluorocarbons CFC is Essay

Chlorofluorocarbons Essay, Research Paper

Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFC ) is a molecule made of Cl, F and C atoms. It s a stable but unsafe molecule. It used to be used in iceboxs, deep-freezes and aerosol tins. It had been used as coolant in icebox propellents in aerosol sprays. It has been used every bit early as the 1930 s.

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Chlorofluorocarbons Research Paper Chlorofluorocarbons CFC is
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To happen out why it s unsafe you foremost have to understand what Chlorofluorocarbons is. As I stated earlier it s made of chlorine F and Cs. But it s besides made of halogens which when combine with Cl is highly reactive. It combines to organize CCL2f2 and CCL3F it becomes utile and desirable.

Chlorofluorocarbons don t react with other compounds so Chlorofluorocarbons is inert. Meaning it doesn t break down quickly. It floats about and circulates in the ambiance. Then it rises into the stratosphere and is exposed to extremist violet radiation. The extremist violet rays interrupt it down. Causing the Cl and F atoms both of which destroy the ozone bed to be released.

Since this molecule is really stable and long enduring a batch of jobs have already began to happen. In the Earth s troposphere the CFC is vir

tually harmless to us. But when it travels to the stratosphere the CFC reacts with photons and interrupt down. This is reasonably much how it looks CCL2L2+PHOTON—- |CF2CL+CL.

CL entirely is really reactive it can respond with one ozone molecule and destruct it. After it destroys ozone it regenerates and goes onto other ozone atoms. This is what it looks like in a math perspective CL+O3- |CLO+O2 CLO+O & # 8211 ; |CL+O2. It continues on like this for a really long clip. ONE individual CL atom can destruct approximatly 100,000 ozone molecules.

Thankfully this is being taken attention of since it s been banned in the united provinces. The CFC is destructing the ozone bed which causes planetary heating. Due to that we ve been traveling through unusual conditions forms like warm and so cold temperatures. Like last hebdomad how on Tuesday it was warm. Then on Thursday it snowed five inches this happenend cause of the toll of planetary heating.

The planetary heating can go more than merely a conditions disturbancce as you read this polar ice caps are runing. Causing the sea degree to lift rapidily finally submerging the Earth. It can destruct the harvests in center United States. There s already a large hole in the ozone bed over in-between United States.

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