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Christopher Reeve Research Paper Christopher Reeve

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Christopher Reeve Essay, Research Paper

Christopher Reeve – Still Me

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Christopher Reeve Research Paper Christopher Reeve
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If you don Ts like something, alteration it. If you can t alter it, alter your attitude. Don T complain. * The poet must hold been believing about me when she wrote these words. Some things in my life I am seeking to alter and other things I am seeking to manage.

On Memorial Day, 1995, my universe changed everlastingly. I fell from my Equus caballus during a cross-country event in Culpepper Virginia. When I woke up in intensive attention in the infirmary I was paralyzed and unable to take a breath on my ain.

I thought that everything was over my playing, athleticss, my matrimony, being a pa everything. In fact, I thought possibly I should acquire person in my household to assist me decease. It would be easy since I was on a inhalator. All they would hold to make was jerk the tubing out and walk off. But my married woman Dana said something that made me desire to remain.

She said the words that changed my life: You are still you, and I love you. Her religion in me and the demand of my household for me to merely Be at that place got me through the worst of it.

I knew I was traveling to b

e a load. I was traveling to hold to larn to take from people. Learning to make that was portion of the attitude altering I mentioned earlier. Person has to dress me, to rinse my face, to set me to bed. It is abashing and I have to cover with being treated like a babe for the two hours it takes at dark and the two hours in the forenoon. I listen to music or watch Television and work on my forbearance and credence. There s nil else I can make. I can t alter it. I have to do the best of it. That s the alteration your attitude portion.

But I have to make something more to give back and alter what I can. I have set a end to stand on my fiftieth birthday. I do exercisings every twenty-four hours toward that end. I give addresss to raise money for the American Paralysis Association. I have given testimony to Congress to back up wellness steps and support. I have directed and acted in Television films since the accident. I established a foundation. I need to give every bit good as return.

I need to alter what I can alter and to accept what I can t without kicking. That s a lesson we all could larn.

* quotation mark from Maya Angelou

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