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The article discusses the different types of inconsiderate people that the author has encountered in daily life. The first type is the obstructers who deliberately and selfishly disrupt the smooth flow of other people’s lives, such as cutting in line or talking loudly on their phones. The second type is the blinders who are oblivious to the needs of others around them, like not giving up their seat to the elderly or handicapped. The third type is the grabbers who constantly seek to take and possess everything for themselves, including attention and care from loved ones. The author suggests being patient and tactful when dealing with these types of people.

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            We all try to get others to do what we want them to. If I do not know how to get one to act in ways rewarding, I may feel frustrated and even pained. So, in many ways, I influence another’s behavior and he influences mine. That’s part of the reality of our lives. However, there are people who just deliberately make others feel angry and frustrated. These are the inconsiderate people whom we encounter in our daily lives. Here are just some of the ways I have personally classified these inconsiderate people whom I have met in my life.

            For want of a better term, I call the first type of inconsiderate people as The OBSTRUCTERS.

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These are the people who obstruct the smooth sailing of our lives. For example, one usually encounters that person who will deliberately yet subtly insert himself/herself when one is in line at the grocery store or at the theater. They seem to think that no one is noticing them anyway, so they go right ahead of you. These people can be really inconsiderate because they are so selfish. Another example of this are those who turn their cell phones to loud tones and talk loudly too. That can happen even in the theater when everyone is at his seat’s edge wanting to know the climax. These people talk at the top of their voices, oblivious of the quietness that their environment needs. They just obstruct other people’s way of life and make them unhappy or angry. I suggest that when we encounter these kinds of people, we just have to exercise more patience or else, we are at the losing end. They practically are callous to bear the brunt of our ire.

            Another set of inconsiderate people are The BLINDERS. I call them as such because they are just blind to the needs of others around them. They do not give their seat to the elderly or the handicapped in the bus or the train. They exist in their own world and do not seem to be conscious about what the other people need. They are wrapped up in their own world, as if they are wearing blinders like what they put on horses’ eyes so that they will just see the path where they are running.

            I also encounter the some people who I would call The GRABBERS because they practically just grab everything for themselves – like food and clothes, houses and other people. It is practically difficult to be at peace when these people are around because they can be so effusive with praises about a certain thing that you one that you probably will be just forced to give it to them. Of course they are not asking for it actively but they can do it so subtly that one cannot refuse anymore. They are so happy grabbing things that they no longer are happy with what they have. This is a difficult person to be with because they can even grab the attention and care of your loved ones without you noticing it. One ought to be careful about people like these.

            These are just some of the inconsiderate people I have encountered and I am sure that most of you have also met one or two of these kinds of people. It is important that we are equipped to handle them in a tactful way so that we can still point out their faults when we get the chance to do so.


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