Friends by Mitchell Scott

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Friendship is an essential aspect of our society. In our demanding society, having friends is crucial as it can be challenging without them. Friendship is more than just socializing with pals; it enhances our overall well-being. Unfortunately, in our society, friendship is often undervalued even though we depend on our friends for having good times. We can’t imagine life without the people who care for us deeply. Personally, I cherish friendship and never take it for granted. Engaging in a meaningful conversation with a friend about the weekend events can instantly uplift our mood. Even a friendly smile and wink from a friend can make a significant difference. In addition to adding enjoyment to sports, playing with friends helps us feel better right away. Friendship, like exercise, has an immediate positive impact on our emotional state. Society can be harsh at times, with some individuals hoping to see us unhappy.

Friendship typically removes those types of individuals who view you as someone who can be defended or who will reject their comments. Being with friends allows you to feel at ease without constantly considering the consequences of your actions, and it is this sense of comfort that enables you to live joyfully. As a teenager, emotions are more intense, so an attack on your ego has a greater impact than usual. Associating with people and friends can occasionally push you out of your comfort zone and bring happiness to your life. Society and friendship have a peculiar connection, but we understand that friendship is just as important as our family. Being comfortable is the key to happiness and friendship; friends don’t make you overthink, they simply bring you joy. This is my interpretation of what friendship means.

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Questions 7-10


1. Can you explain Jamie’s situation? Please read page 61 attentively and consider the origin of the “Strange words in another language.” Jamie is going through a paranormal encounter where he is able to hear the voice of a young girl resonating in the van. Due to the intense heat, Jamie may assume that it is merely a result of being partially conscious. I interpret his statement of “strange words in another language” as his inability to comprehend their meaning.

2. The purpose of this chapter in the narrative is to introduce new themes and ideas. It serves as the hook of the book, as Butcher interrogates Jamie and a mysterious girl is introduced. In the previous chapter, Jamie uncovers an old boat, and this seventh chapter maintains a similar atmosphere while adding a sense of the ghostly and supernatural with the mysterious girl. The limited information provided about her serves as a hook for the reader, leaving them wanting to learn more.


McPherson explains that in Port Barren, “It’s the way things are,” which means that the situation in the town is peculiar and unconventional. The typical scenario in Port Barren involves Butcher, who holds all the power and dictates the rules. McPherson asserts that this is how things have been historically and are likely to remain in the future, indicating that Butcher has shaped the town’s reality.

There are nine.

1. What is the force that attracts Jamie back to the boat? Do you believe Eaton should provide more clues, or is the development of the mysterious “feminine” voice enough to keep your interest? Eaton’s description of the feminine voice was insufficient. Although it enticed Jamie back to the boat, the author’s explanation of this phenomenon was lackluster, ultimately leaving readers disappointed and uninterested.

1. Evaluate the chapter’s writing style and note any differences in Eaton’s approach. Consider how suspense is created, particularly the technique used to end a chapter. Reflect on whether this strategy is successful for readers. Eaton builds anticipation as Jamie discovers and explores the boat. Throughout the book, suspense is heightened by Jamie’s feet seemingly having a mind of their own, directing him towards the boat, and the eerie sound of timber screeching when he is aboard. Employing a cliff-hanger effect in concluding the chapter, Eaton leaves readers craving for more.

Ten: The Boat

Jamie and Cameron’s friendship is described as healthy, with regular chats and mutual respect between them. At first, Cameron is cautious of Jamie based on Butcher’s orders to avoid him. However, Cameron starts to doubt the negative rumors surrounding Jamie and eventually trusts him. On the wrecked ship, Jamie assures Cameron that the rumors are false. During their conversation on the boat, Jamie reveals his true story and earns Cameron’s trust, strengthening their relationship. They bond over their shared problems with the town and help each other understand their struggles.

2. Cameron, like Jamie and the other kids in the town, is affected by the town’s past. It is evident that Cameron is affected by the town’s past when Jamie first arrives at Port Barren and believes he is the only person who feels that something is wrong with the town. However, Jamie soon discovers that Cameron has also climbed aboard the boat and they have a conversation. During their conversation, Cameron reveals that he and all the other students have similar feelings about Port Barren. Cameron confesses, “The first year or so after my old man moved up here I could barely concentrate about anything. That’s why I took up running.” This statement mirrors Jamie’s own sentiments, suggesting that Jamie is not the only one who perceives Port Barren in this way.

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