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People commonly think that college is just a waste of time and money due to the long courses and the expenses. However, many people do not understand is college will “prepare people for life” (Hrabowski). Going to college has been a controversial topic amongst all of society. College is very important for many students and society. Many people assume that college is just expensive, but the investment potential for college is positive. Money and time are important investments for students who want to get the most out of their education. Students will think about their high expenses when they are paying for their degrees but not the other side of the coin. They don’t seem to fully grasp the concept that earning their degree isn’t like buying a new car which will depreciate. Their time and money they spend in school will pay off exponentially in a relatively short amount of time. High school graduates will overall earn less money than someone with a bachelors (Owen and Sawhill). From being a high school graduate to the age of 50, someone with a bachelors will overall earn more money than the graduate. Although they say that not every bachelor’s degree is a smart investment depending on your career, earning your bachelors will help you find jobs and help you make more money in the long run compared to someone who hasn’t gone to college. If someone who’s majoring in a job with high earnings gets caught in student loans, they would be able to pay their loans off in time. Financial aid also helps many disadvantaged families pay for the tuition fees. Attending a public school can help you save money and still get your education. Students will have many opportunities to find a job after they graduate college. Its common for people to think that finding a job is going to be hard after college, but its really the opposite. Earning your bachelors opens doors for college graduates. It can be for their career goal or other careers but overall, they will have many opportunities since they’ve completed their bachelors.

People who earned their bachelors are sought out by employers (Murray). Students show they have perseverance and knowledge when earning their bachelors and employers use their degrees in a way to indicate how hard that student worked; hence, students will get hired. It’s known that employers look for people who earned their bachelors because much more people are attending college, so the demand of a bachelors is higher. Time and knowledge are what employers don’t want to waste so they look for people with a degree since they’ve been known to work hard and put in their time. Earning your bachelors is like an entry ticket for many occupations. Hrabwoski stated “Colleges prepare people for jobs, but more critically, they prepare people for life.” College isn’t just useless knowledge, they will help students in their career. Their career goals will ultimately guide their future and so will college. If a student doesn’t have a career, then college can also help them find their goals. Many students don’t know what they want to do after college like Walter Sondheim, but his education gave him knowledge and a new goal which ultimately led him to having a successful career where he can contribute to society. Students can leave college and apply all their knowledge they have learned in their years of education to contribute to society. College doesn’t just teach students book work, it helps us in everyday life by having us practice our communication skills. Many students now learn how to prepare an argument and learn to apply all their skills they learned from not just books, but from being in college. With their new skills and outlook, they could apply that knowledge into society and make a difference.

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Money isn’t the only thing to look for when going to college. When you go into college, you will come in as someone who just wants to earn their degree, but you will leave wanting to use your skills in the real world. If someone has a job where its required for them to write about certain people or study humans interactions, all they learn in college will ultimately help them. For peoples writing to improve, they should read more smart writing. That’s what college does for the students. It provides them with more advanced text so in the end they can learn from that text and know how to write more sophisticated research that can help contribute in todays world. For someone who loves getting into sports debates, their new found knowledge in debating in college will help them have debates outside of school. Thinking back on Walter Sondheim, he was clueless on what his goals were but college helped him find passion in thinking and liberal arts, which inspired him to become a civic leader. Many people use their new skills to help their society and money isn’t also the main reason college is a good investment. Ultimately college is more beneficial to all of society whether it being from looking for work, earnings, or overall practicality. Although, the popular belief is that college will lead you in debt, the financial aspect will be positive in your earnings after college. In comparison to those without a degree, people who earned their bachelors will be more capable of various of job opportunities. The overall experiences in college will enhance a persons knowledge and prepare them for the real world. In conclusion, college will provide many positive opportunities for society.

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