Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now

My Reaction Paper on the movie “Ganito Kami Noon. Paano Kayo Ngayon? ” by Eddie Romero Ganito Kami Noon. Paano Kayo Ngayon is a 1976 movie directed by Eddie Romero starring Christopher de Leon and former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. It’s easy to state “I am a Filipino”. But when can a individual be considered as a true Filipino? In the film. The word “Filipino” had different definitions. The word originally referred to a individual of pure Spanish decency that was born in the state. However, a going Chinese merchandiser (Lim) born in the state was besides considered as a Filipino. Based on these facts being born in the state is one of the major standards in order for one to be called a “Filipino” . Nicholas Ocampo besides called Kulas was the chief supporter in the movie. He was innocently set to happen a friar’s boy at the extremum of the Filipino revolution against the Spanish colonisation. He was able to meet people who influenced his manner of thought and his manner of life during his journey.

He was able to run into different sorts of people ; Filipino revolutionists, Spanish mendicants, guardia civils, circus folks ( where he met Diding. a miss whom he fell in love with ) and Filipino elites who identified themselves as the existent Filipinos. He was confused on what a Filipino truly is on who has the right to name himself/herself as a true Filipino. He had no thought of what a Filipino is or why he was called as one. He asked Don Tibor a Visayan attorney if he has the right to name himself a Filipino. To which the attorney answered that in order to be a Filipino 1 must be a worthy and valuable individual. Kulas went through a batch of ups and downs during his stay in Manila. He experienced being affluent being respected being bullied being heartbroken and being betrayed by the people around him. Kulas in the terminal realized that it is non adequate to be born in the state in ordered to be called a Filipino that being a Filipino doesn’t merely mean the physical ties a individual has with the land or with tradition or even with his or her household.

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It means acknowledging ourselves as the defender of this land and defender of our fellow work forces. It is being able to contend a grander cause and being able to contend for what is good for our state. The term Filipino was made because in the yesteryear. the people of the Philippines called themselves harmonizing to what part or island they came from. For illustration, the people from Visayas are called Visayans people from Manila call themselves Tagalogs. Ilokanos for the people from Ilocos and many more. Since the Philippine archipelago consists of 1000s of islands. It created a rift between its people because of their different individualities. Because of this. The term Filipino was used to name the people of the Philippines as a whole in order to avoid struggles among the indigens and besides to unite the people.

Harmonizing to a survey conducted by J. A. Yacat of the University of the Philippines Diliman. there are three factors that are considered in order to hold a Filipino individuality: a sense of shared beginnings (pinagmulan). turning up in a similar cultural environment (kinalakhan) and a shared consciousness (kamalayan).  Thymine. The foremost one pinagmulan has something to make with being born in the state. holding parents who are Filipinos shacking in the Philippines or is a Filipino citizen. It fundamentally implies that a individual is a Filipino if he or she satisfies the definition of Filipino citizenship as stated in the 1987 fundamental law. The 2nd factor. kinalakhan (cultural roots) revolves around engagement and being immersed in a cultural background acknowledged as Filipino. This includes the speech production of a Filipino linguistic communication. and other things that differentiates us from aliens like the manner we see things. The manner we look at things and the manner we face every state of affairs that we encounter. The last factor “kamalayan” (consciousness) is associated with consciousness of the ego as a Filipino. Credence of rank in the class “Filipino”  and besides pride in this rank. The American colonisation was helpful in the devising of the Filipino individuality because of the manner they treated us in the yesteryear. our ascendants thought of a manner to separate ourselves and set the Filipinos on a categorization different than the wicked colonisers.

The revolution besides helped in determining the Filipino individuality. The revolution unified the people. Without the revolution we would still be under the custodies of the colonisers without holding an individuality of our ain. Though the colonisation and Filipino revolution helped in the creative activity of the Filipino individuality. Each besides brought negative impacts that hindered the Filipinos to make an individuality of their ain. Because of the dining economic system of the United States. there is a perceptibly large difference on the physical visual aspect of the Americans from the Filipinos. This is where the colonial outlook of the Filipinos heightened. Those who had money or were in the upper category of the society tried difficult to dress and move like Americans in order to intermix with the colonisers and besides to flash their freshly bought things and their eloquence in talking the American linguistic communication. Because of this. they believed that they belonged with the Americans that they are Americans and non Filipinos. In the rubric “Ganito kami noon, paano kayo ngayon?” there is a inquiry that needs to be answered.

Paano knockout ngayon? What is the province of the Filipinos now? To reply that inquiry many of the Filipino’s thoughts and involvements have changed. Technology rises and new tendencies have been made. Sometimes the Filipinos now tend to bury what is of import and what is important. Filipinos so were able to believe rationally. Filipinos presents are merely traveling with the flow. They go to where they will certainly profit. or to where they can derive much much more. The sense of Filipino patriotism is in the terminal forgotten. Peoples patronize more the merchandises that came from other states instead than the merchandises that were made here in the state. Though Filipinos in the yesteryear did the same things. The strength in this modern epoch is a batch greater than in the yesteryear. Our state is acquiring more and more liberated. Because of the many colonisers after the Americans. Several foreign influences have been adapted as our ain. The Filipino civilization have been mixed with different civilizations from neighboring states like China, Japan, Korea and others because of exogamies.

The manner the authorities runs the state is going worse. The Philippines is now buried in debt. Filipinos presents are going harder to understand. One runs for election non because he or she wants to function the state but because he or she wants to do more money. Besides, the increasing per centum of offenses affecting young person wrongdoers is really alarming. We ever ask for grounds why these offenses happened. Possibly because Filipino young person so hold good moral attitude than Filipino young person now. The usage of “po” and “opo” have ever been a portion of our Filipino civilization. We were taught to utilize these words as a mark of regard to the seniors. But now we seldom hear those words particularly from the younger ones. Filipino young person today had become verbally aggressive and delinquent. Another illustration is. Filipino young person now tend to copy some characters from different foreign movies believing that it is “cool” to be violent and aggressive.

Unlike Filipino young person so were respectful and God-fearing. Thus, Filipino young person so hold good moral attitude than Filipino young person now. We are burying our aim. the purpose which our ascendants have passed unto us, which was to protect and contend for what is good for our state. We can non accomplish this end if we keep on making these things. It seems that in the present times. the definition of being a Filipino is reduced to merely being a citizen of the state. If you are a citizen of the Philippines. so you can already be considered as a true Filipino. I am a Filipino. I became a Filipino because both my parents are Filipinos. I am a Filipino because I speak several Philippine linguistic communications. I am a Filipino because I am a citizen of this state. I am a Filipino because I love my state. I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one.

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