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Filipinos revolts against spain

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    Filipinos love Freedoms Filipinos rebelled! Unhappy that’s what I feel like the Filipinos feeling when they are under the Spaniards. When I read again this chapter, I feel I’m one of them I’m in that time and place when the revolt against Spain Is held. Fighting too. This Is the causes of Revolts: 1. Love for Freedom and Independence 2. Spanish encoders abuses 3. Tribute (Residence tax) 4. Forced Labor (Polo) 5. Land Grabbing by the friars 6. Basis (wine) monopoly 7.

    Religion I’m mourning for the Fullness life that only fight for the freedom and I hate it to say I let angry against the Spaniards and to the Filipinos that help them to fight against the revolt. The cruelty of the Spaniards makes Filipinos suffer. Dagoes Revolt (1744 – 1829) lasted for 85 years many Filipinos’ died for fighting their own land in Zebu. Slang’s Revolt (1762 – 63) Diego Slang with his wife Gabriele led a famous revolt In Locos, they win many battles but in the end they also died. First Pangaea Revolt (1585) it because the abuses of Spanish encoders.

    Revolt against the Tribute (1589) Filipinos killed many Spaniards because of tax abuses. Cumbrous Revolt (1649 – 50) forced labor of the Filipinos. Agrarian Revolt (1745 – 46) Land Grabbing by Spaniards In four provinces: Battings, Laguna, Cavity and Vulcan. The Bass Revolt (1807) banned of making homemade wine. The Religious Revolt of Hermann Pull (1 840 – 41) religious freedom in Toga province. Revolts failed because Filipinos are not united, and there are no national leaders who united people. It’s sad to know that Filipinos Is against Filipinos’. Many live are gone because of their cruelty.

    THE PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT AND THE JUSTINIAN 9th Century? Freedom? Unity? Nationalism? In this chapter, the propaganda movement starts; it makes me feel proud that it Is the start of the unity of the every Fullness for the country. Proud to our heroes that give their best way to have a reforms in the colony. Happy and secured because DRP. Racial is the one that lead and give the truth to the Filipinos. He opens the eyes of the Filipinos to see the cruelty of the Spaniards. I feel sad when DRP. Racial got exiled in Dappled, but somehow there Is Boniface that continue what DRP. Racial alma for but In other way.

    Boniface and other patriots started a secret organization called Justinian. It was a revolution to make the country free from the Spain. I felt angry in this part because Filipinos didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. The Propaganda Movement the crusade for reforms was a peaceful one. It was done by means of pen and tongue. The propagandist was young Fullness in their twenties or thirties. They came from the best, the brightest, and the richest families in the Philippines. They 1 OFF published their crusade for reforms in fortnightly newspaper called La Solidarity. It

    Nas founded by Grecian Lopez Jean, its first editor. Overwhelmed to the knowledge that are written in the books of DRP. Racial, Noel Me Tanager and El Fill, that exposed the abuses of the Spanish officials and priests. These novels awakened the Filipinos, love of country and paved the way for the revolution. DRP. Jose Racial founded a political association of patriotic Filipinos to crusade for reforms; it was called La Alga Filipino Philippine League). The Justinian or K. K. K had two aims: (1) to unite the Filipinos into one solid nation and (2) to fight for Philippine independence from Spain.

    After reading and analyzing this chapter I agree to the historical values and DRP. Racial wrote in the last chapter of El Filibusterer’s: “… Our freedom will [not] be won by the sword . But . By making ourselves worthy of it, by exalting intelligence and the dignity of the individual, by loving Justice, right and greatness, even by dying for them. And when a people reach that height, God Himself will provide a weapon, the Idols will be shattered, tyranny will fall like a house of cards, and freedom will shine like the first dawn. ”

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