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Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated

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Columbus Day Should Not Be CelebratedEvery twelvemonth. on the 2nd Monday in October. the people in the United States celebrate a national vacation in memory of Christopher Columbus.

the 1 who discovered the new continent. However. because Columbus brought catastrophes to the Native Americans. many people opposed the Columbus jubilations.

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Columbus Day Should Not Be Celebrated
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They began to believe whether the Columbus Day should be considered as a national vacation in the United States.

Surely. Columbus Day should non be a national vacation in the United States. First of all.

it was really obvious that Columbus caused the European colonisation in the Americas and the autochthonal population prostration. His offense obscured his part. A condemnable whose custodies stained with blood should non be commemorated by people.Though some of the effects are non expected by Columbus.

his expeditions marked a really bad beginning of the European geographic expeditions. On Columbus’s 2nd ocean trip. his evil desires were wholly exposed. The autochthonal people eventually understood Columbus’s intent which was to prehend hoarded wealths from their lands.

When Columbus’s fleet reached the island of Guadeloupe. they encountered the warlike Caribs and were attacked. The Spaniards eventually defeated the Caribs and enslaved them. These slaves died out rapidly because of the European diseases.

Few months subsequently. the tragic narrative of the Caribs had happened repeatedly on the Arawaks of Hispaniola ( Konstam. “Across the Ocean. ” ) Originally.

those lands were possessed by these autochthonal people. If some interlopers were discovered by them. it was perfectly sensible for them to drive those interlopers off. But as Columbus set his pess on the land of Americas.

the catastrophes were brought to the Native Americans.Such a condemnable individual should non be acclaimed as a hero. Columbus was a scoundrel who was excessively condemnable to be commemorated. Another ground is that the U.

S. Government should be respectful to the Native Americans who live in the United States. They are besides U. S.

citizens. Columbus was a hero from the European position but a scoundrel from Indians’ position. If the authorities still recognizes Columbus Day as a national vacation. it is really disrespectful and contemptuous to both its citizens and a group of people.

After Columbus’s find of the Americas. the native people were enslaved and forced to reap gold in their fatherlands. Wars besides broke out between the Spaniards and Indians. In a few old ages.

over one hundred 1000 Indians died ( Solomon. “Columbus Day. ” )Therefore. the Indians have a profound hate of Columbus.

As members of the authorities. the functionaries should see these historical events in position. and handle all the people every bit. If the authorities still treats this controversial figure as a hero.

it is the same as they agree with Columbus. This is decidedly contemptuous to the native people. It is excessively disrespectful to them to observe for Columbus Day ( “Goodbye Columbus. ” ) Many people think that Columbus is great because of his find of the Americas.

However. Columbus’s historical function was non unreplaceable. Christopher Columbus was merely a normal one among the European adventurers. If Christopher Columbus ne’er existed on the universe.

another Columbus would besides detect the new universe finally. He achieved celebrity because he lives in an appropriate clip period. Before his ocean trip. the Vikings had already been to the Northeastern of North America and built colonies there ( “Leif Erikson.

” ) Therefore. Columbus was non the first European who discovered the Americas. Furthermore. Columbus did non recognize that he discovered a new continent.

Alternatively. Amerigo Vespucci. another Italian adventurer. first realized that the land Columbus discovered was a new continent and non a portion of Asia.

Therefore. the new continent was named after Amerigo ( “Christopher Columbus. ” ) Columbus was neither the first 1 who discovered the Americas. nor the first 1 who realized the being of a new continent.

So he was merely a normal adventurer like the ulterior conquistadors who traveled across the Atlantic to prehend hoarded wealths. It is non necessary to mark such an adventurer who did non truly do many positive parts. Columbus. a adult male of evil desires.

gave the Indians painful memories but achieved celebrity around the universe. His ocean trip opened the preliminary of devastation of the Native Americans. Such individual does non merit people’s memorialization. It is evil.

disrespectful. and dissing to the Indians to observe for Columbus. Thus. the United States should non see Columbus Day as a national vacation.

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