Should Columbus Day Be Celebrated?

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Many Americans see Columbus as a hero who is celebrated annually. Children admire him for “discovering” America, and citizens have a day off to honor him. However, it is unreasonable to glorify Columbus because he falsely claimed achievements, brutally mistreated Native Americans, and initiated the slave trade, resulting in the ongoing mistreatment of Native Americans.

My stance is firm: Columbus day should not be commemorated due to the atrocities of torture, slavery, and deceit associated with him. Columbus wrongfully claimed accomplishments that were not his own. Contrary to popular belief, he was not the first to encounter America, as it was already inhabited and known to others. Additionally, the notion taught in schools that Columbus proved the earth was round is a myth; during his time, many educated Europeans were already aware of this fact.

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However, those who didn’t agree with this statement mocked the ones who did. Lastly, Columbus was not the first non-American to discover the new world. “There is, indeed, considerable evidence that people from all around the world, including Europe, had visited the Americas for trade, fishing, refuge, and even settlement.” (Source: Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day by G Rebecca Dobbs) Therefore, Columbus had not truly succeeded in the things we know about him and did more negative things than positive. Columbus was also in charge of abusing the Native Americans.

He began to encourage men to rape females as young as nine years old. If anyone tried to stop or disagree with him, Columbus would mutilate their noses and ears, proving he lacked any compassion. Columbus also compelled people to search for gold on his behalf. Those who failed to find any had their hands amputated. Furthermore, Columbus dispatched his men with dogs to hunt down people and use them as food for the animals.

The Native people of Haiti, where Columbus established a colony in 1493, suffered greatly under his actions, leading many of them to resort to suicide. According to G Rebecca Dobbs’ article “Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day,” their near annihilation can be attributed directly or indirectly to Columbus. Far from being someone who achieved greatness, Columbus was a villainous killer who created long-lasting problems. He continued his acts of brutality against the Native Americans and even introduced the idea of enslavement. Columbus would capture individuals from other islands and force them into labor for his own benefit. Additionally, he would transport these helpless humans to Europe as slaves.

Others also became interested in this idea and began to bring slaves to their own land. As a result, Columbus initiated the pattern of transatlantic slave trade, which led to enslavement occurring on many islands and a significant and rapid decline in population. Columbus’ son, in 1505, was responsible for the first Africa-to-Caribbean slave trade (Source: Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day by G Rebecca Dobbs). It is not surprising that Christopher’s family members also participated in the enslavement and mistreatment of natives from the Caribbean islands, creating further issues for society later on.

Celebrating Columbus annually in our country supports his minimal new discoveries and the devastating impact on Indigenous peoples, including the initiation of slavery worldwide. There is no justification provided for venerating or commending his deeds. As Americans, we ought to eliminate his day of glory and substitute it with an ordinary day, almost as if erasing his existence and his widely recognized legacy while acknowledging the very real suffering he inflicted.

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