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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Sample

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Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community utilizing one of the following four subjects:1 ) Bioterrorism/Disaster2 ) Environmental Issues3 ) Primary Prevention/Health Promotion4 ) Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population Planning Before Teaching:Name and Certificates of Teacher:

Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: Time Allotted: 30 proceedingss Location of Teaching: St. George’sSupplies. Material. Equipment Needed: Projector. Computer. Screen. Powerpoint Presentation Estimated Cost: For this peculiar presentation. stuffs such as projector. screen. and necessary wiring were provided by church Computer – already in personal ownership

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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal Sample
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Cost: $ 0Community and Target Aggregate:Racial/ethnic group that falls in the class of Asiatic Americans/Pacific Islanders who are at highest hazard of Type II Diabetes Targeting persons who are over the age of 45.

are corpulent or fleshy. don’t exercising a batch. have low HDL cholesterin or high triglycerides. have high blood force per unit area Population/target audience at cultural church: about 200 households of South Indian descent. with 60 % of the ~100 grownups being over the age of 40 Most of these grownups are employed in full clip occupations.

have small exercising outside of job-related effort due to lifestyle Subject:

Primary Prevention/Health Promotion: With a focal point on type II diabetes

Epidemiologic Rationale for Topic ( statistics related to subject ) : Familial factors ( “Asian Indian phenotype” )Unique clinical biochemical abnormalcies in American indiansIncreased insulin oppositionGreater abdominal adiposenessHigher waist perimeter despite lower organic structure mass indexLower adiponectinHigher high sensitive C-reactive protein degreesThis phenotype makes Asiatic Indians more prone to diabetes and premature coronary arteria disease The primary frogman of the epidemic of diabetes is the epidemiological passage associated with alterations in Dietary forms

Diet of the typical South Indian 40+ twelvemonth old:Decreased physical activity in the populationBoth are apparent in the higher prevalence of diabetes in the urban population Even though microvascular complications ( diabetic retinopathy. or oculus disease. and nephropathy ) are lower in Indians ( relatively ) . the visual aspect of premature coronary arteria disease is much higher in Indians versus other cultural groups

Nursing Diagnosis:There needs to be early designation of at-risk persons Can utilize simple showing tools ( population particular: Indian Diabetes Risk Score ( IDRS ) ) Appropriate lifestyle intercession would forestall and detain oncoming of diabetes in at-risk populations Adoption of healthier dietetic regimens

Increased physical exercising

Readiness for Learning: Identify the factors that would bespeak the preparedness to larn for the mark sum. Include emotional and experiential preparedness to larn. Target aggregative are all educated persons keeping full-time occupations Many of the persons have occupations in the healthcare field. with a big figure of physicians. nurses. druggists. medical wellness professionals of different types Educational degrees of the persons are frequently above the bachelor’s grade point. many have done higher and go oning education Emotional consciousness that there is a alteration to be undertaken in life style. social consciousness of the demand for more physical exercising in an age of being sedentary a big part of the clip

Learning Theory to Be Utilized: Explain how the theory will be applied.Cognitive – Information pickup theory comes from the environmental stimulation.here delivered through a ocular PowerPoint and the audile adjutant of my presentation Pertains to the ocular facets of the presentation

Information treating theory provinces that 5-9 balls of information can be retained short term. where each slide in a PowerPoint presentation nowadayss information in digestible parts Emotional –

Past experience or exposure to such subjects plays a function in the response of information Goal: Healthy Peoples 2020 ( HP2020 ) aim ( s ) utilized as the end for the instruction. Include the appropriate nonsubjective figure and principle for utilizing the selected HP2020 aim ( usage at least one aim from one of the 24 focal point countries ) . If an HP2020 aim does non back up your instruction. explicate how your learning applies to one of the two overarching HP2020 ends. My learning on primary bar of type II diabetes adheres to HP2020 objectives D-1 to D-16 on diabetes. specifically nonsubjective D-1 that trades with cut downing the one-year figure of new instances of diagnosed diabetes in the population. ( Target is a 10 % betterment from the baseline of 8. 0 new instances of diabetes per 1. 000 population aged 18 to 84 old ages occurred in the past 12 months to the mark of 7. 2 new instances per 1. 000 population aged 18 to 84 old ages ) . Education on the preventative steps needed to be taken by an at-risk population tackles this issue of cut downing the one-year figure of instances.

How Does This HP2020 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives ( See page 116 in the text edition ) ? This HP2020 Objective relates to the Alma Ata’s Declaration Health for All Global Initiatives by endorsing the end of increasing healthy life anticipation. Diabetes type II is a disease that can diminish life anticipation in affected populations if non diagnosed early and right. or prevented in the first topographic point. Reducing one-year figure of diagnosings increases a population’s healthy life anticipation.

Develop Behavioral Objectives ( Including Domains ) . Content. and Strategies/Methods: Behavioral Objectiveand DomainExample – Third-grade pupils will call one healthy nutrient pick in each of the five nutrient groups by the terminal of the presentation. ( Cognitive Domain ) Content ( be specific )Example – The Food Pyramid has five nutrient groups which are… . Healthy nutrients from each group are… .Unhealthy nutrients incorporating a batch of sugar or fat are… .Strategies/Methods( label and describe )Example – Interactive posting presentation of the Food Pyramid. After an account of the posting and each nutrient class. allow pupils to put images of nutrients on the right topographic point on the pyramid. Besides. have the category analyze what a kid had for tiffin by seting names of nutrients on the posting and discoursing what nutrient group still needs to be eaten throughout twenty-four hours. 1. By the terminal of the presentation. the audience will hold a general thought of what primary bar means to them in footings of general wellbeing and bar of type II diabetes. 1. a. Description of primary bar and its engagement of non-clinical life picks b. Geared toward bar of disease

1. Give illustrations as to how primary bar would impact diet. day-to-day life style. manner in which audience would travel about busying clip when non working 2. The audience will hold background cognition of type II diabetes and its chief deductions. every bit good as bespeaking symptoms of the disease.

2. a. General overview of type II diabetes ( insulin opposition ) b. Glucose construct up in the blood/damage to the organic structurec. Symptoms associated to type IId. Macrovascular and microvascular complications of type II2. Have audience raise their custodies and state presenter about what they already know about type II diabetes before traveling onto the slides refering to general overview of the disease

3. The audience will cognize. by the terminal of the presentation. what hazard factors put an person at a higher hazard for type II diabetes. They will larn why some populations. particularly our ain cultural population. are at higher hazardthan others due to familial factors.

3. a. Type II diabetes hazard factors ( those highest at hazard for the disease ) b. Overview of why some populations are at hazard. here the Asiatic Indian population 3. Type II diabetes hazard factors would be presented in a manner that I would see how much the audience already knew in respects to the subject and so showing the information

4. The audience will earn information about general preventative steps for take downing the hazard of type II diabetes. They will be educated on proper life style and dietetic picks needed to keep a healthy life style.

4. a. General preventative stepsB. A good. balanced diet to be followed by those with diabetes ( specifically those of Indian race ) 4. General preventative steps would be presented in a manner that it was relevant to the life styles of the audience members.

Creativity: How was creativeness applied in the instruction methods/stategies?

Audience was engaged through a inquiry and reply at the start of the presentation refering to their day-to-day lives. such as degrees of physical exercising. constituents of people’s diets. etc. This questionnaire elevated the energy and involvement degree of the audience members in a originative mercantile establishment. Introducing preventative dietetic regimens for diabetes was presented in a manner that it would refer to everyday cultural nutrients that people in the community would eat. which made for a originative manner to link to the audience.

Planned Evaluation of Objectives ( Outcome Evaluation ) : Describe what you will mensurate for each aim and how. 1 ) Audience members can be asked to repeat to the presenter what primary bar is and how it applies to their single lives.

2 ) The presenter can hold a speedy quiz at the terminal of the presentation to measure how much the audience retained in footings of information on type II diabetes.

3 ) The presenter can measure the audience’s purposes on altering their life style to integrate preventative steps by inquiring the population.

4 ) Feedback in the hebdomads that follow the presentation can estimate merely how much the community is listening to dietetic recommendations and preventative steps.

Planned Evaluation of Goal: Describe how and when you could measure the overall effectivity of your instruction program.

Effectiveness of the instruction program can be gauged through an end-of-presentation verbal quiz and seeing how the information presented in the presentation triggers alterations in the life styles of the audience members.

Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher ( Process Evaluation ) :

A sure member of the audience who has a checklist or rubric to make full out during the presentation would carry on planned rating of the lesson and instructor. This member would supply feedback at the very terminal of the presentation straight to the presenter.

Barriers: What are possible barriers that may originate during learning and how will those be handled? 1. Leaving of audience members: Due to the clip at which our mass runs at church from 12-1. some audience members may necessitate to go forth at the terminal of mass or every bit early as possible for work and other duties. Members of the community would be informed through proclamation before the start of the presentation so that persons who need to go out may make so. 2. Language: For some aged members of the community. it may be difficult to to the full hold on the subjects being presented. but body linguistic communication and ocular Plutos help in the flow of information. 3. Technological issues: Malfunctions of engineering could happen. and this could be handled by bespeaking service for the coveted issue at manus. Another option is go oning to talk without ocular aid. and instead efficaciously conveying the message by word of oral cavity.

Communication: How will you get down your presentation ( hook them in ) ? How will you stop your presentation ( travel out with a knock ) ? What gestural communicating techniques will you use?

1. The beginning of the presentation would get down with a inquiry and reply to hook in the persons of the audience and how this subject pertains to them. 2. The presentation will travel out with a knock by holding a little verbal quiz and so wrapping things up with a message that pertains to everyone in the audience. 3. Gestural communicating techniques to be employed:

a. Varied oculus contactB. Hand gestures to convey certain thoughtsc. Clarification of images/charts through arrow used. Straight position and prosecuting organic structure linguistic communication that addresses each part of audience


hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ncbi. nlm. National Institutes of Health. gov/pubmed/17496352hypertext transfer protocol: //www. webmd. com/diabetes/guide/type-2-diabeteshypertext transfer protocol: //clinical. diabetesjournals. org/content/26/2/77. fullhypertext transfer protocol: //timesofindia. indiatimes. com/top-15-diabetic-diet-tips-for-indians/articleshow/20063520. centimeter hypertext transfer protocol: //www. webmd. com/diabetes/tc/type-2-diabetes-prevention

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