Comparison of Cofer’s and Wetherell’s Short Narratives

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This emotion can convey out the best of people or even do them inquiry who they are and what they’re willing to give up for the individual they love. In Judith Ortiz Cofer’s short narrative “Catch the Moon” . she suggests that love can alter a individual for the better by doing them desire to better themselves.

However. in W. D. Wetherell’s short narrative “The Bass. The River. and Sheila Mant” . he suggests that love can do a individual attempt to be person they are non. finally taking in letdown and sorrow. Although both writers center their narratives on the subject of love. they differ greatly from their character struggles. character alterations. struggle declarations. and their subjects.

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In “Catching the Moon” . Luis Cintron and his male parent invariably argue and ne’er acquire along really good. However. when Luis meets this miss named Naomi. he experiences an emotion that reconnects him with his pa. Meeting Naomi causes Luis to see love—an emotion he hasn’t felt since the decease of his mother—and causes him to desire to develop better character because he knows that his female parent would desire him to be happy.

In order to turn out his improved character to both Naomi and his pa. Luis searches all dark for a hubcap that will fit the 1 that Naomi is looking for. After hours of seeking. Luis eventually finds the hub cap and hastes to convey it to Naomi. Cofer provinces that Luis. “…waited to give her [ Naomi ] the first good thing he had given any one in a long time” ( Cofer. pg. 240 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates that because of his new love. Luis was ready to alter his personality for the better and that love can truly reconnect old fires from within oneself.

“The Bass. The River. and Sheila Mant” portrays a different message than that of “Catching the Moon” . In this short narrative. the storyteller faces an internal struggle between taking over his two passions—Sheila Mant and fishing. The storyteller has ever dreamed about affecting Sheila Mant. but he wavers when Sheila criticizes fishing for being dense and deadening. Regardless of her sentiment. the storyteller continues his mission of affecting Sheila by taking her on a boat drive and traveling to a popular party.

On the manner to the party. a fish gets caught on the fishing line the storyteller left out on the boat. and by the battle the fish puts up. he knows that it’s the bass he’s been waiting all summer to catch. Emotions rush through his caput. and even though the storyteller has waited all summer for this fish. he chooses Sheila alternatively. The storyteller cuts the line. goes to the party with Sheila. and has his bosom broken when she chooses to ditch him for another cat.

From this experience. the storyteller learns that there are plentifulness of fish in the sea and that he shouldn’t have changed himself merely to acquire a miss to wish him. He even goes on to state that. “There would be other Sheila Mants in my life. other fish. and though I came close one time or twice. it was those secret. concealed tugging in the dark that claimed me. and I ne’er made the same error again” ( Wetherell. pg. 150 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates the story’s subject of non altering who you are for love because it will merely ensue in sorrow and letdown.

Love is a really complex emotion. There are a batch of regulations and ordinances to love. every bit good as a batch of exclusions to these regulations. All in all. in order to hold a happy relationship. 1 must make desire makes oneself happy. If someone’s felicity is put in hazard merely because of a relationship. so the relationship was decidedly non intend to be. In other words. when come ining a relationship. don’t choose the better male child or miss ; take the male child or miss that will do you a better individual.


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