Connecting Poetry with Life: A Personal Reflection Essay

Connecting Poetry with Life: A Personal Reflection


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Connecting Poetry with Life: A Personal Reflection
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            In poetry one can find inspiring thoughts and messages one can use to fonder upon one’s life. Poetry as an art is also a form of self expression that existed out of man’s desire to convey his feelings and thoughts in a creative and sentimental way. Art itself can be express in the form of visuals and poetry.

            Robert Frost became a famous poet as he takes passion in writing lyric poems.

He inspired many of his readers. Why did Robert frost say that “a poem …it begins in delight and ends in wisdom”? What is the message behind the words? Truly poem gives a form of delight to its reader. The forms of poem, the structure, the image and the message give enchantment to its reader. Poem is a true product of art. It is compose of emotions and imaginations. Poem doesn’t delight or give pleasure to its reader only but it also imparts wisdom.

There are proverbial verses that serve to inform, teach and educate its reader. Truly poetry serves two purposes and that is to give pleasure and impart wisdom.

“Poetry is an idea that dances” according to John Ciardi. Many of his poems have “elevated” themes. He describes poetry as an idea that dances. Dance like a form of art also gives enjoyment it as it enlivens the soul and spirit. It refreshes our spirit. Like a dance poetry gives enjoyment.

Poetry is active as it touches one soul and spirit. Poets are as free as they could to express their emotions while taking you to another a journey in the form of literature. It can shift to various ideas; poems never run out of style. Poems continue to expand and evolve.

 Self-awareness, personal and professional growth, and teaching practices and experiences made up a persons reflection. Knowing art and poetry is already a practice of self-reflection.

Life as an Art Teacher

            The life of an art teacher is not an ordinary life. One needs to be artistic and with deep passion. Being an art teacher requires one to be delighted or enjoy what one is doing. You should also draw wisdom in what you do. Wisdom includes enlightenment, insight of the things around. Art takes several forms it can be visual art, literature, drama, music, dance and many others. Being an art teacher you should identify what is beautiful and pleasing. Art is an expression of beauty. Art is also an expression of wisdom as observe in poetry, how a poet reflects upon his life. His reflection with himself and nature is revealed in his artwork. Like poetry it is an idea that dances. There is playfulness, liveliness, bounciness, lightheartedness into it. Art requires freedom and liveliness in your thoughts. You are free to create and free to convey or communicate any idea with your audiences.

Life as an Educator and Learner

            Being an art teacher or educator one has to face many challenges and responsibilities. As a teacher you have a role and part to inspire others and to move others to greater heights. A teacher is also a learner. He also learns everyday from his experiences. He learns from many things when he is inside the classroom. He gain wisdom and delight in what he is doing. Being a teacher is truly a rewarding experience. It makes you appreciate learning even more. Being a teacher you will never stop to be creative and artistic in your strategies and styles of teaching.

            Teachers had undergone an ongoing process of learning. Day by day he learns something new. He learns from his mistakes as well as his accomplishments. It will help him learn various lessons in life. His work affected others lives also.

            One of the joys of teaching is your role to impart and share your knowledge to the younger generations. It gives one a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Like art and poetry you create impact and leave enduring legacy.

Poetry as Part of One’s Life

            There are many things that can give delight to one’s life, there are many things to give pleasure and entertainment but not all give wisdom. One’s life experiences shows how a person pursuit of happiness and pleasure in life became the main goal the main ideal. What is beautiful is the ideal thing for many people.

            Deep within oneself there is needed to reflect and look back to ones life. What are the things I’ve done so far? And what things still need to be accomplished?

            Life is like a journey, a journey with learning experiences, people and relationships.

            Life has been enhanced by the existence of art and poetry. It is a channel to express the thoughts and feelings, learning and understanding of things around him.

            We are the product of our experiences. We observe things and appreciate the things around us. We need to apply what we learned and continue to grow and expand.

            Just like my life I find so many things that easily delighted or please and these include my family, friends, work, and accomplishments. They give purpose and meaning to my life. I celebrate the beauty of life and the blessings it gives to me. We all need to celebrate our days, the beauty of nature and of relationships for they are temporary.

            One of the most important things about life is having wisdom. Wisdom is a guide to one’s life, a moral insight. Wisdom helps us to see the profound meaning of life and existence.

 Life offers wonderful experiences. We don’t get bored with life as newer things and experiences take place. I continue to discover and become aware of the things happening around me. Life is not more than meeting your needs it is also about the needs of others. I am complete with all the things I need in order to appreciate the beauty of life.

Connecting poetry with life make me see life in a more imaginative, colorful, artistic way. Truly life is like poetry giving rich and a memorable experience.


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