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What’s the Best Definition of Love?

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In the dictionary love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Some people believe love is a temporary feeling that will eventually disappear. For other people love is a complete devotion and endless adoration that will last a lifetime. Some people don’t believe it will ever happen, that it’s only in fairytales, but for others it is a dream come true. Some people say love happens once in a persons’ life while others believe that after one love comes another.

The truth is there really is no clear, correct definition for love. Everyone around us has different definitions and it really just becomes confusing.

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What’s the Best Definition of Love?
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In truth, the only definition anyone can give is your own, unique and sincere opinion about love. Love is feeling that everyone desires. Everybody needs this feeling in one way or another. It is an important aspect in everybody’s life. If one doesn’t love or is not loved then there is no possible way to be happy.

There would be a feeling of loneliness for anyone like that. Love is the strongest feeling and most difficult feeling to describe. There are many types of love. There’s family love, friendship love, and intimate love. Family love is an unconditional and an everlasting love.

This love may be shown by the rules parents give their child. Even by the discipline a parent gives a child. This shows their unconditional love and protecting of their child. No matter what anyone does this love is always there. Friendship love is between two people, where they love one another in a platonic way. They’re thankful for one another’s friendship. Intimate love is the kind that everyone seems to have the different feelings about. Most people want to have someone love them more than anything. This is the most intense love out there. This love may last forever or it may end in heartbreak. Either way, everyone is in search for it.

Everybody wants to believe there’s that perfect person out there for them. In my personal opinion, love really should be a once in a lifetime thing. There are too many people that think that just because they are in a relationship they are in love. That’s not the case though. Love is supposed to be an unconditional love between families and an intense, meaningful, never ending love between you and the one you want to be with forever. The definition of love is different from person to person. The feeling of love seems to be almost impossible to define. In the end, the only definition that really matters is your own, unique opinion about love.

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