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Love Definition in Movie “Good Will Hunting”

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  • Pages 2
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    The word love is defined as: “a deep feeling of affection, devotion, orattachment to another person”. Knowing the literal definition is not enoughfor a person to fully understand to concept of love. Love is so deep, it as somany parts that only words can’t possibly help a person to grasp the idea. Inthe movie Good Will Hunting, Will experiences love with many different people.

    First, Will and his friends shared a special type friendship that included muchlove. Will considered his friends to be his brothers, he trusted and cared forthem deeply. The main character in the movie that showed Will how to love wasSean, his therapist. In the beginning of the movie, Will didn’t know all that heneeded to know about love. It wasn’t until he met with Sean that he learned moreabout love. Sean taught Will about true love and true happiness. He said to Willthat there is no way of knowing what love is until one experiences it. Sean alsotold Will that he needed to find a soul mate, one who challenges him and one whotouches his soul. Since Will had a hard past life, he put love last, making himfeel scared and ashamed. His fear of attachment caused problems with Skylar, agirl he was interested in. It wasn’t until he became comfortable with love, andtook Sean’s advice that he tried to fix his problems with Skyla. When some oneis in love they are so overwhelmed with feeling. When you love someone you dropeverything for them, and there are no regrets. His or her flaws are notimportant, they are beautiful and wonderful in your eyes- nothing else matters.

    If Sean never taught Will about true love, he would of missed out on a greatexperience. Everyone learns about love from someone, whether it be a friend,parent or significant other. In my case I learned about true love though mysignificant other. In some ways I felt like Will because for the longest time Iwas afraid of love. My current boyfriend helped me to open up and feel what lovewas really like. For the longest time I felt an emptiness, that is now filledwith my love for him. The impact that he has had on my life is incredible, justthe thought of him can brighten up even my worst days. Sean was right, no onecan fully understand love until they have experienced all that it brings.

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