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Depression and College Studentss

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Today, depression is a major problem in the lives of students. According to the article “College Students and Depression: Common Signs, Symptoms, and Experiences”, “Campus life can be overwhelming, and it’s very common for college students to become depressed.”As a proof of depression’s rising, “Nordal points to one recent study that showed approximately one out of every four or five students who visits a university health center for a routine cold or sore throat turns out to be”depressed'” (National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts).

However, what is depression of college students precisely? Let’s look at the explanations of depression so that we can perceive it appropriately.College students and depression are two things that often go together, so it is very important to understand what depression is. Susan and Stephen Paolucci, who are medical doctors about mental health, define, “Depression is more than just the ‘blahs’ or the ‘blues.’ It’s a persistent feeling of sadness that doesn’t go away.

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Depression and College Studentss
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It’s like a dark cloud that settles into your brain despite everything you have tried to get rid of it” (1). In fact, depression is different from regular sadness, and its effects bring students many unexpected results. According to the article “College and Depression”, “Depression is associated with an emotional downward spiral that causes those affected to make poor choices or behave in ways that worsen their situation. College students suffering from depression may fall behind in their school work, engage in risky behaviors such as substance abuse or promiscuity or even attempt suicide.” It not only affects human’s body, mood, thoughts, and behavior but also changes students’ eating habits, how they feel and think, and how they interact with people. Moreover, it is very difficult for student to concentrate on studying, and they are always in the state of exhaustion. To understand this type of illness …

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