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Students’ critical reading skills

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Course Description

In designing this course, the main priority was to enhance the students’ critical reading skills needed to trigger the writing of a correctly documented argumentative paper. As such it is vital that students prepare the assigned reading passages prior attending class. The course will also take the students through the journey of developing and improving their skills of reaching a focus of research, selecting and synthesizing valid sources, outlining the different sections of the paper and effectively writing an argumentative library and web-based paper in the relevant area.

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Students’ critical reading skills
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Accordingly, the students are required to hand in the assignments on the due date to guarantee feedback in a week’s time. In addition, it will present the students with the academically and ethically accepted techniques of presenting other people’s work by instilling the correct use of documentation to avoid plagiarism. 2.

Course objectives (as stated by Dean of Languages) By the end of the semester, students taking the course are expected to enhance the following skills: Develop proficiency in analytical and argue emanative skills Demonstrate the ability to report, debate, refute, defend and argue issues Of public and academic concern Construct and develop an explicit thesis Adopt a strategy and tone appropriate to purpose and audience Organize a logically structured argument Support claims with appropriate evidence Produce thoughtful content Express ideas clearly and concisely Write substantial academic research papers Follow the techniques of writing a well-organized, persuasive well documented research paper 3.

Evaluation and Grading System 3. Criteria of Evaluation Oral and written presentation of an PAP argumentative paper Presentation of a portfolio including 10 template Sheets. Application Of different strategies for critical reading on selected sources Demonstration of summarizing and paraphrasing competence use of PAP in-text and full citation rules 3. 2 Grading System The grading system is as follows: 3. 2. 1 Course work 10 3 2 5 participation (Portfolio) Two quizzes Argumentative Essay debate performance final paper submission final presentation 3. 2. 2 Mid-term Exam The exam will require the ENGAGE student to read TWO SHORT and SIMPLE argumentative essays dealing with the same topic but from different perspectives.

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