What Kind Of Person Lives In This Room

Imagine walking into someone’s room. What would you see? You would probably see a bed, curtains, a closet, a rug, and everything matches. Most people like to have their rooms that way, right? Well not me! Walk into my room, and you’ll think that either A. Several thousand Starbursts exploded in my room B. Someone had a paintball war in there or C. Elton John decorated it. My room barely resembles a room of someone civilized. It doesn’t look like a girl actually lives there. You’ll see the most random, unmatching things in there, and nothing matches at all. My room is one of the most weirdest and colorful places you’ll ever see. It’s got more color than a Disney Parade!

I have only one rule in my room: that nothing will ever match. My curtains are as orange as a Florida orange. I decorated them to have small guitars and flowers hanging off them. Each one is a different color, form aqua blue to zebra stripes. There’s a fluorescent street lamp outside my window that shines through each night. As a result, every night I fall asleep in a pool of colors. I have a deep, circular, and comfortable chair by the door that’s fuchsia. My bed is a whole other story. My bed skirt is striped with the colors blue and purple. The quilt I made is on top of my bed. It has squares of everything, and I mean that literally! It has squares with pictures of all kinds of animals, guitars, drums, a laptop, a cell phone, the planets, and so much more.

I painted my bed frame with the scene of Mount Everest(also called Sagarmatha). There’s mountains all around it, a combination of browns and whites. The sun is peeking through the mountains. I painted the sun on there to symbolize a new day, just like waking up each morning. Below the mountains, there’s the bustling, smog filled city of Nepal. Besides my bed, is a triangular shaped desk that I painted a deep, tomato red with black stripes. The lamp on my desk is the color of Hawaii’s.

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