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Application of Critical Thinking to Global Climate Change

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Critical thinking can be applied to the issue of global climate change y first knowing what the consequences that might arise from this issue. Second application would be to assess how serious this issue is and what manifestations are there to prove that this issue holds true in recent events. Third application would be, knowing what consequences would arise from this issue, how are we supposed to react to these consequences and how these consequences would affect our daily lives/lives we are used to.

Fourth application would be answering the questions can it be prevented?

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Application of Critical Thinking to Global Climate Change
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And how; once the most important application of critical thinking in this issue is in finding the solution to the global climate change issue that our generation might be experiencing today; by analyzing and evaluating the facts that we know about how the climate change came to be and how we might be TABLE to prevent the effects fifths phenomena from happening but if we can’t stop it the least we can do is reduce its overwhelming effects so that it wouldn’t hinder the development of those countries that would be affected the most which from what was taught in my high school classes, coastal countries like our country the Philippines.

People learn in different ways; people tends to have bias in their decisions according to issues like politics and the existence of the supernatural since people with no experience on these issues would tend to believe scientific facts without even trying to question how the findings came to be; also people doesn’t always consider the other findings about the issues that doesn’t seem credible but still justifiTABLE.

Smarter people even tend to approach these issues scientifically and since the scientific community denies the existence of these paranormal beings the “smarter people” will usually not question the findings of the community. People also are bias according to what they experience with these issues. If they encountered the paranormal they tend to believe these without evaluating what they saw or if the environment was playing or toying with their minds. People that possess critical thinking skills evaluate what they saw and how the environment laded a role in what they saw.

In politics, people with bad experiences with this issue tend to say that the government doesn’t do anything to help them especially the poor that only rely on the government. Critical thinking tends to shoulder upon experiences and the ability to evaluate what is happening and how to approach the issue. Also no 2 people think alike that is why critical thinking skills differ from every person. It differs on their approach on their evaluation of the issue.

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