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Dutchlady Assignment

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Their large scale of production spreads their axed cost over many products and hence reduce their total cost of production enabling them to compete on prices. Differentiation Strategy What is Differentiation Strategy? This is an strategy where a company produces and markets unique products for different market segments. This strategy is used usually when companies have big budget to support advertising costs. Dutch Lady differentiates itself to offer non fat products which is unique when compared to their competitors products in the market.

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Dutchlady Assignment
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Vision What is Vision? It is an aspirations description of what the company wants o achieve in the mid or long-term. The vision of this company is to give people healthier and happier lives by make nutritious dairy products that fulfill customer needs. Accomplishing such a Hugh vision will require superior management systems in every department. Mission Dutch Lady say that their mission is”To bring sustainable dairy goodness from the heart of Shorebird for the good of everyone.

It seems that Dutch Lady has succeed in their mission considering that over the last 10 years company has been the market leader. Their activities has led to stronger relationships with our happier customers and Dutch Lady Yogurts. Corporate Values The following bulletins mention the core values of Dutch Lady company: Selling high quality natural and healthy dairy products to satisfy our customers Build team member excellence and happiness to create a work environment where team members can grow and succeed to their highest potential. Dutch Lady values effort and reward results. Committed to integrity, timeliness and transparency in communicating with our label suppliers which enable Dutch Lady to remain as a market leader, by creating new, unique and innovative dairy products. Business Objectives: The following are the long-term goals of Dutch Lady company: They will continue to be the market leader in the Malaysian dairy products market primarily by concentrating on growth, profitability and milk validation They will double the existing yogurt products sales by 2015 By 2015 they will have maintain a gross margin of 20%. By 2015 they will increase its net profits by 15%. Positioning What is positioning?

It is a marketing strategy that attempts to make a brand occupy certain position in the mind of the consumer compared to other brands and products. It is largely shaped by customer experience when using the product. 1) Company Positioning: For a very long time, Dutch Lady Company has positioned itself as a company in business of supplying quality deity and infant nutrition products to Malaysia. 2) Brand Positioning: The image of the company’s products is “very healthy and good tasting dairy products” Consumers in Malaysia generally prefer these products over others cause they contain vital vitamins and DAD+.

They also try to make positive feelings associated with the brand by naming their products like They also try to be the preferred brand for dairy products. 3) Competitive Positioning: Dutch Lady to make itself more liked and more visible by consumers it sponsors many events like “World Milk Day”. This improves their standing with the customer. They are already one of the top 3 dairy producers in Malaysia with market share of over 30%. There are no close substitute for Low Fat Drinking Yogurt.

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