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English as a World Language

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The planetary spread of English over the last 50 old ages is singular. It is unprecedented in several ways: by the increasing figure of users of the linguistic communication. by its deepness of pervasion [ “pE: mI’eISn ] into societies and its scope of maps.

There is a theoretical account dwelling of 3 circles proposed by B. B. Kachru in 1982 in order to depict regional assortments of English. The 1st or interior circle includes people who speak English as their common linguistic communication ( 200-400 mln talkers ) .

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English as a World Language
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The outer circle includes people who live districts colonized by Britain and USA ( India. Nigeria ) . And the spread outing circle includes the remainder of the universe which is larning English.

English is used for more intent than of all time before. Over 70 % of the universes scientists read English. About 85 % of the world’s mail is written in English. And 90 % of all information in the world’s electronic retrieval systems is stored in English.

There are several basic features of the English linguistic communication which make it so popular.

1 ) The simpleness of signifier. It has no many inflexions to demo remarkable and plural. tense. individual like in German. Russian and Gallic. Verbs have really few inflexions and adjectives do non alter harmonizing to the noun. 2 ) Flexibility. As a consequence of loss of inflexions English has become a really flexible linguistic communication. Without inflexions the same word can run as many different parts of address. Many nouns and verbs coincide in signifier. Adjectives can be used as verbs. 3 ) Openness of vocabulary. This involve the free admittances of words from other linguistic communications and easy creative activity of compounds and derived functions. Most universe linguistic communications have contributed some words to English.

Though English is a universe linguistic communication there are some thoughts of making a tongue franca which will be the vehicle for international communicating. Such a lingua franca can go Esperanto. Created in 1887 by Ludvig Zamenhof as aagencies of uniting the whole universe it’s spoken by 8 mln people all over the universe. It’s taught at schools in China. Hungary and Yugoslavia. There are some advantages of Esperanto as a 2nd linguistic communication. -It’s easier to larn ( Esperanto has 16 regulations and no exeptions ) . -It’s a impersonal linguistic communication. It has no political or cultural prejudice. -It saves money because 55 % of disbursals in all international organisations are spent on translators and transcribers. But however English which began 1500 old ages ago as a ill-mannered linguistic communication now encompasses the universe. There is no ground to believe that any other linguistic communication will look within the following 50 old ages to replace English. However it is possible that English will non maintain its monopoly in the twenty-first century. A little figure of linguistic communications may organize an oligopoly – each with particular country of influence ( Spanish for illustration ) .

English has been an international linguistic communication for merely 50 old ages. Geographically it’s the most widespread linguistic communication on Earth. 2nd merely to Mandarin Chinese in the figure of people who speak it. It’s the linguistic communication of concern. engineering. athletics and air power. This will no uncertainty go on although the proposition that all other linguistic communications will decease out is absurd.

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