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Although as I stood in my room thinking about what Matt said about time stopping at first thought maybe he was right that time can stop. I quickly rejected this idea and return to the reality of the situation. There is always time since time never ends. When we as humans say we don’t have time we just mean that we can’t do something because we don’t have any free hours on our hands to do that in the amount of time we need. Thinking about time I eventually looked at the clock to see it was quarter to four, so ran downstairs and began to make the walk to the store where I worked.

It was just another day at work, the seconds where simply slowly passing away as looked at the grandfather clocks around the antique shop. Asked myself, “So if time stops will we know it by the possibility of the hands on the clocks not moving anymore? Knew it would have to be more complex than that since that could just be a power outage that stops the clocks. I looked to see that it was already quarter after nine so I told the manager I was heading out now and I made my way home. When reached my house walked inside and headed straight to my room upstairs. Id not hesitate, but sat down at my computer an began to write my essay. To my astonishment was making great time, not only was writing the best essay believed I had ever written but also might have gotten in done in those couple of hours. When looked at my bedroom clock was shocked to see it as only ten dock. I was slightly baffled at this since I got home at around quarter to nine, so how was it possible that have only been writing this for fifteen minutes? I got up and walked to the kitchen downstairs to see what time it was on the clock on the Stove.

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Again it was only ten o’clock. How was this all possible? All the lights were on and the computer was working so there was no chance the power had gone out. I look through the doorway to living room and in terror I see my father sitting in his armchair motionless, not even blinking. “No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes lace in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away. “(l) waved my hand in front of his face thinking he had fallen asleep with his open. Lowly moved my head down to look at his watch, in complete horror saw that it was ten o’clock. The watch had stopped just like all the other clocks and my father sat there in his chair as motionless as a statue. I knew at that moment it was not the clocks that stopped but time itself and with it life. I reared my head up to look outside it was night, but It was snowing and within the seconds that no longer existed it as now morning and all snow on the ground was gone and the grass was dry.

It was as though without time reality had disappeared and elements clashed for dominance constantly since there was no such thing as time to establish seasons. “Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true. ” (2) did not know what was going on, was the only aspect of life left? Ran back upstairs, but as I did I fell and hit the stairs hard. The pain felt real and as soon as I felt it I Open my eyes to see that was laying down at my keyboard, and watched as my essay was now round twenty pages since letters continued to fill up the page while I was asleep. Cooked up to see that it was quarter to twelve. That was some dream thought, but looks as though that’s all it was nothing else. I began to realize something though time is part of reality and sometimes reality works in strange ways that seem abnormal. Knew this dream had to mean something more than just a thought and idea. I knew that this was some sort of consequence although had no idea what would cause it. Maybe one day time will really stop, but only time can tell what the future holds. So if time really does stop, it’s all over.

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