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Of Mice and Men Boss Encounter

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Lennie and George arrive at the ranch to find work, Candy the handy man greets them and shows them to the boss’s house. George has instructed Lennie no to talk as George wants to make a good first impression. The boss is seated at his office table eating bread; he is ignoring George and Lennie as if they were nobody. George starts of a conversation with the boss leaving Lennie standing by the door. George describes Lennie ‘As strong as a bull’ Lennie mutters the words to himself and laughs, George glares at him sharply implying he’s done something wrong, Lennie wipes the smile of his face and retreats.

This makes Lennie scared, as George is being extremely strict around the ranch. Lennie must feel restricted to talk or interact with anyone at the ranch. Straight after the boss asks Lennie a direct loud question, ‘Listen small, what can you do?’ Lennie panics as he does not want to get in to trouble with Lennie, he is put in an awkward position because he doesn’t want to disobey George nor the boss.

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Of Mice and Men Boss Encounter
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He looks at Lennie scared and clueless, confused about what to do. George, with his quick thinking mind assesses the situation and answers for Lennie. After the discussion with the boss Lennie and George leave the house. George seems irritated with lennie’s actions as he has a stern discussion with Lennie outside. ‘When the sound of footsteps had died away, George turned on Lennie. So you wasn’t gonna say a word. You was and leave your big flappers shut and leave me to do the talking. Damn dear lost us the job. Lennie stared into his hands. I forgot George.’ Lennie feeble excuse shows that Lennie is sad and shaken by the experience, it also seems that Lennie sobs as he says it.

Curley encounter

Lennie and George taken by Candy and shown to their shack. As they unpack their belongings Curley enters and demands to know were his farther is. As he glances over Lennie and George he pounces into a boxing position. ‘His eyes passed over the new men and stopped. He glanced coldly at Lennie and George. His arms gradually bend at the elbows and his hands closed to fists

He stiffened and went into a slight crouch. His glance was at once calculating and pugnacious. Lennie squirmed under the look and shifted his feet nervously. Curley stepped gingerly close to him.’ Lennie seems terrified by this man, Lennie believes he had don nothing wrong or hasn’t upset this guy in any way. Lennie squirms, as he does not know why this guy is confronting him.

Curley’s wife encounter

After the encounter with Curley Lennie and George keep unpacking. Suddenly Curley’s wife enters the room, Lennie is amazed by her beauty and does not stop staring at her. Curley’s Wife has a conversation with George; he makes the conversations end quickly by giving her straightforward answers. Realising she isn’t getting a lot of attention she leans on the doorframe trying to be noticed and carries on the convocation. After she’s leaves Lennie tells George she’s pretty. ‘Shes purty Said Lennie.’

George reacts with a huge outburst, he says to Lennie what a tramp she is and she should stay away from her. He might have said this to scare Lennie away as he saw what happened with the lady in the red dress, he id trying to avoid it happening again. In conclusion all the reasons above explain why Lennie finally says ‘I don’t like this place George, this aint no good place.’ Lennie is extremely unhappy as he has been restricted to do certain things, also he is shocked by George’s outburst about Curley’s wife as he does not no what he did wrong.

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