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Anton Chekhov

The Bet by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov The Bet It was a dark autumn night. The old banker was walking up and down his study and remembering how, fifteen years before, he had given a party one autumn evening. There had been many clever men there, and there had been interesting conversations. Among other things they had talked of capital …

Anton Chekhov Lady with the Dog

Anton Chekhov in “the Lady with the Dog,” brilliantly displays the quest of one man to find happiness. Anton Chekhov’s short story, The Lady with the Little Dog, is the simple story of a philandering married man who finally falls in love with an unhappily married woman with whom he has an affair. Though it …

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Anton Chekhov

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The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

            In every painting, the artist leaves a signature.  This is a mark to distinguish that the artwork is his, an identification that such is a result of his talent.  Authors, on the other hand, do not provide a signature in every page they have written.  They do not have to; this is because sometimes, …

Great Playwright – Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov was a man and author who overcame many obstacles during the course of his life. His contributions to literature were immense, but it came only through hard work and many failed attempts that he became the great author he is known as today. He was the poster-boy for art mimicking life. What Chekhov …

Feeling the “Misery” by Anton Chekhov

Feeling the “Misery” by Anton ChekhovMany great writers have been overlooked by students, who thought that literature was only homework in school. A lot of students, including myself, did not think that one can feel several emotions from a short story such as this piece by Chekhov. I guess we should always think that these …

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