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Robert Browning’s My Last Duchess Analysis

Book Review


My Last Duchess

Words: 1461 (6 pages)

My Last Duchess are monologues that are similar in presenting middle-aged, unmarried men who are suffering from insecurities. Eliot’s 20th century The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is the story of a man searching for love and acceptance whereas My Last Duchess is set in the 16th century and focuses on a Duke searching…

Portrait Of A Murderer My Last Duchess

Book Review

My Last Duchess

Words: 749 (3 pages)

Portrayal Of A Murderer: My Last Duchess Essay, Research Paper Susan FerrellJuly 29, 1998 Portrait of a MurdererAn Analysis of the Duke inRobert Browning s, My Last Duchess Robert Browning s verse form, My Last Duchess is likely his most celebrated dramatic soliloquy and is an first-class illustration of this signifier of poesy ( Landow…

Dramatic Monologue “My Last Duchess”

My Last Duchess

Robert Browning

Words: 435 (2 pages)

Gender roles are prevalent in all people’s lives. They exist on a universal scale, and have affected men and women since the beginning of time. This is not meant to imply that gender roles by themselves are good or bad; they simply exist. However, gender roles become a problem when gender inequality results from them….

My Last Duchess: A Reflection of Victorian Age

My Last Duchess


Poetry Analysis

Victorian Era

Words: 2229 (9 pages)

The paper deal with the various features of Browning’s Poetry and how it manifests itself in My Last Duchess, subtly encapsulating the characteristics of the Victorian era. Browning portrays all forms of art as self revelatory and reflective of social constructions. In this poem, the setting is based on Renaissance Italy, where a Duke is…

Role of Social Class in Literature


My Last Duchess

Pride and Prejudice

Robert Browning

Words: 925 (4 pages)

When analyzing characters in any work of literature, one must evaluate their social class. Social class is defined by as a “division of a society based on social and economic status.” Social Classes are usually divided into three levels the upper class, usually rich and educated, the middle class, not rich or poor and…

“My Last Duchess”, “A Woman to Her Lover” and “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” Sample


My Last Duchess

Words: 2292 (10 pages)

Amongst the three love verse forms examined in this essay. the subject of male or female power in relationships pervades throughout. The positions of the talkers are expressed and defined through literary and poetic techniques. This gives the reader an penetration into the speaker’s jobs and dissatisfaction of a relationship. due to an instability of…

My Last Duchess Explication


My Last Duchess

Words: 981 (4 pages)

Paraphrased and Unified Text: The poem “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning is a dramatic monologue in which a duke shows a servant the portrait of his deceased first wife, the duchess. Through this form of speech, the speaker unintentionally exposes his own personality traits, such as self-centeredness, arrogance, control, chauvinism, and extreme jealousy. Despite…

How Are Feelings Shown in My Last Duchess?


My Last Duchess

Words: 770 (4 pages)

What is concealed and revealed by the Duke? In the poem My Last Duchess, a large variation of feelings and emotions are expressed. They are expressed using various techniques, such as alliteration, rhetorical questions and many more. I am going to explain how feelings are expressed in parts of the poem and also what is…

Analysis of “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning


My Last Duchess



Words: 810 (4 pages)

The opening lines of “My Last Duchess” by Browning establish the Duke of Ferrara as the speaker who will recount the tale of his deceased wife to the Count’s emissary. This form of dramatic monologue allows for a merging of Browning’s identity with that of the character, enabling a dominant perspective from the first-person narration…

author Robert Browning
theme The poem presents a portrait of the duke's pride and jealousy, which drive him to violent extremes.
originally published 1842
description "My Last Duchess" is a poem by Robert Browning, frequently anthologised as an example of the dramatic monologue. It first appeared in 1842 in Browning's Dramatic Lyrics. The poem is composed in 28 rhyming couplets of iambic pentameter.
protagonist The main characters in "My Last Duchess" are the Duke of Ferrara, the Duchess, and the emissary. The Duke of Ferrara is a nobleman with a jealous and judgmental cast of mind and an attitude of self-importance. The Duchess is depicted in a portrait on the Duke's wall.

Point of view: In terms of a first person, second person, third person point of view, “My Last Duchess” is told from the first person perspective. This means that the speaker or narrator is also a character. This poem is a monologue spoken by the Duke to an unknown listener who does not verbally respond in any way.,

Characteristics: The duke in the poem “My Last Duchess” has many of the classic traits of a narcissistic personality, including an inflated sense of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, problems with interpersonal relationships, and a lack of empathy.,

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How Does My Last Duchess present power?
“My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning is a Victorian poem that demonstrates the power of voice. This poem is narrated by the Duke of Ferrara who uses his voice to gain control of those around him. He even speaks for his deceased wife, only explaining his view of the situation preceding her death.
How is the Duke powerful in My Last Duchess?
In Robert Browning's "My Last Duchess," a portrait of the egocentric and power loving Duke of Ferrara is painted for us. ... Browning uses the dramatic monologue form very skillfully to show us the controlling, jealous, and arrogant traits the duke possessed without ever mentioning them explicitly.
What is My Last Duchess summary?
In the poem, he's talking about his first wife Lucrezia de' Medici, who died under suspicious circumstances shortly after marrying the Duke. In the poem the Duke is speaking to an emissary who is negotiating the Duke's next marriage to the daughter of another powerful family.
What is the main message in My Last Duchess?
Major Themes in “My Last Duchess”: Jealousy, hatred, and power are the major themes of this poem. Browning has presented the character of a duke who wants to rule his woman with an iron fist. He talks about his late wife and details the reasons why he did not like her.

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