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The author talks about his experience going on a blind date with a girl named Kelli. He got her number from a coworker’s mother and they started texting for a few weeks before setting up a date. During their texting, they talked about their childhood memories, favorite TV shows, and movies. On the day of the date, they went to a Mexican restaurant and watched a scary movie at the theater. They texted for a while after the date but never went on another one. Despite not being interested in each other romantically, the author enjoyed his first blind date experience.

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Blind dates are full of uncertainty as you can never really know someone until you spend time with them and communicate. Several years back, my initial blind date occurred at my workplace. A colleague would often bring up her daughter and propose that I should go out with her. This colleague depicted her daughter, Kelli, as smart but lacking drive. She also proudly highlighted Kelli’s physical appeal. Eventually, I made the choice to exchange contact details with Kelli and we began texting each other in order to potentially arrange a date.

Within a few weeks of our text conversations, I gained a profound understanding of Kelli. We discussed various topics, including cherished childhood memories and future aspirations. Through these discussions, I learned that she has an amusing admiration for Betty White as an actress and views her mother as a role model. Kelli also revealed that she is a devoted fan of “Vampire Diaries” and dreams of portraying Lillie from “How I Met Your Mother.” These examples only touch the surface of our ongoing dialogue. Eventually, we agreed to meet for dinner and a movie, and Kelli showed up at my doorstep for our date.

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While stepping into the car, I noticed that she had Pitch Perfect playing on the radio. Intrigued by her taste in music, I asked about her preferences and she confessed to craving authentic Mexican food. Surprisingly, I was also hankering for some Mexican cuisine. As a result, we made the decision to head to a Mexican restaurant where our conversation covered various topics. She fondly recalled her childhood trips to Disneyland and enthusiastically proclaimed A Walk To Remember as her all-time favorite movie. We also delved into the concept of finding joy amidst moments of sadness. Interestingly enough, I posed a thought-provoking question regarding whether she would accept a million dollars for one night of intimacy; unfortunately, she did not provide an answer.

During our conversation, we discussed the scariest movie she had ever seen. This led to her covering the cost of our meals and us going to the movie theater together. At the cinema, we discovered that they were showing the same scary movie, and she graciously paid for our tickets. After the film concluded, she kindly provided me with a ride home. We continued exchanging texts afterwards but never went on another date. It appears that neither of us harbored strong feelings for each other; nevertheless, I did value my first blind date experience, even though I do not intend to have another in the future.

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