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Fear of African Woman in The Color Purple

Black people


The Color Purple

Words: 391 (2 pages)

In the book The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, Tashi is convinced that she doesn’t want to go to America because no one will like her. Tashi has her doubts but Adam convinces her to come. I am not here to analyze the motives of the character’s decision to go/not go to America, rather I…

The Color Purple Essay



The Color Purple

Words: 1146 (5 pages)

The main theme this essay will be focusing on is the distinction between the “real” outcome of economic achievement as described in The Color Purple by the lynching of Celie’s father, and its “alternative” economic view presented at the end of the novel depicting Celie’s happiness and entrepreneurial success. We will attempt the task at…

American Dream in The Color Purple

American Psychological Association books


Psychological Concepts

The Color Purple

Words: 658 (3 pages)

Ali ConwellBlock: 3The Color purple was an entertaining novel about a young black girlstruggling to survive in a harsh world. Her name was Celie, and through outher life she was abused in many ways. If any one is competent andcourageous in this world it would be Celie. After her mother passed away, she had nothing…

The Color Purple Research Paper

Research Paper


The Color Purple

Words: 2746 (11 pages)

Women, it seems, tend to consistently get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Men sometimes feel the need to discriminate against women to feel like they have a sense of power. In Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple, the female characters are continually oppressed. From the very beginning of the novel, the main character, Celie,…

Essay- The Color Purple

Book Review



The Color Purple

Words: 1146 (5 pages)

A symbol of freedom and autonomy. individualism yet togetherness ; the American Flag has presented an image of America for decennaries. Ever since Francis Scott Key wrote his verse form about the “broad chevrons and bright stars. ” the United States of America has been marked with this simple. yet limpid icon of peace and…

Literary Analysis of The Color Purple by Alice Walker

American Culture


Human Activities

The Color Purple

Words: 1318 (6 pages)

Alice Walker has written of unfairness in many manners ; Celia ‘s battles with her hubby in The Color Purple ; Olivia ‘s unfairness of female Circumcision in Olivia ; and the Old Woman in The Welcome Table. Her unfairness was non simply racial but besides classist. The Old Woman is a reminder to the…

The Color Purple Letters 1-11 Reading Response

American Literature



The Color Purple

Words: 621 (3 pages)

In The Color Purple, Celie (the protagonist of the novel) writes letters to God in order to write out how she feels. She writes in her “diary” because she doesn’t really have anyone to talk to. Celie is a strong woman for putting up with everything that has happened to her, including being beat by…

The Color Purple overview



The Color Purple

Words: 360 (2 pages)

This novel and movie depicts the life journey of a woman and her sister and there for takes place in different locations. Three main locales are Atlanta, Georgia, Memphis, and Tennessee and the Olinka Village in Monrovia, Africa. (In the early to late 1900’s) The main characters of this novel and movie are Celie: the…

Book Review of The Color Purple by Alice Walker



Gender Discrimination

Gender identity

The Color Purple

Words: 2146 (9 pages)

“Harpo say, I love you, Squeak. He kneel down and try to put his arms round her waist. She stand up. My name Mary Agnes, she say. ”-This passage is from Celie’s forty-first letter. Squeak has just returned from an unsuccessful attempt to release Sofia from prison. The prison warden raped Squeak, and she returns…

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Why is the color purple important?
It won a Pulitzer Prize in 1983. A feminist work about an abused and uneducated African American woman's struggle for empowerment, The Color Purple was praised for the depth of its female characters and for its eloquent use of Black English Vernacular.
What is the main theme of the color purple?
Sexual relations between men and women in The Color Purple is a major theme. Alice Walker sets her story of Celie's transformation from a passive female to an independent woman within the culture of southern black rural society from the 1920s to the 1940s.
What does the color purple teach us?
The Color Purple, on the other hand, teaches us that dignity does not come from ducking behind appearances and hiding yourself. Being a victim is nothing to be ashamed of. By relentlessly focusing on black female vulnerability, The Color Purple disassembles the myth of the strong black woman.
What is the message of the color purple?
Thematic Connection: The theme of the "The Color Purple," is to always stay strong and keep fighting . In the beginning of the story Celie got separated from her sister, Nettie, the person she loved the most but she stayed strong and waited patiently to get a letter from her sister.

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