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The Color Purple overview

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This novel and movie depicts the life journey of a woman and her sister and there for takes place in different locations. Three main locales are Atlanta, Georgia, Memphis, and Tennessee and the Olinka Village in Monrovia, Africa. (In the early to late 1900’s) The main characters of this novel and movie are Celie: the protagonist most of the book and the movie was written by her point of view. She’s the oldest of the twelve children and was impregnated twice by her step-father (at fourteen).

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The Color Purple overview
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She was forced to give away all her children shortly after her mother died, she got married off to a man named Albert whose four kids she to raise. Celie is described as skinny, ugly,dark skinned and uneducated. Nettie: Celie’s younger sister, the second oldest of the twelve children. When Celie was married off and had to home, Nettie’s life was miserable and she ran away to live with Celie and her husband.

Nettie was soon kicked out of Alberts house because the the latter was courting her and Nettie refused to have that sort of situation with her sister’s husband.

After that day, the two sisters wouldn’t see each other for nearly forty years! Nettie is described as skinny, beautiful, dark skinned and very smart. Alphonso/Pa: Is the man who Celie and Nettie believed was their father but turned out to only be their step father. He fathered eight children with Nettie and Celie’s mom and two with Celie after he forcibly impregnated her at age fourteen. When Celie first first got pregnant, he made her abandon her studies.

He was very abusive and condescending especially toward Celia. He was very much into younger women. Albert: Celie’s husband. He married her when she only twenty years old shortly after his own wife was murdered. He has four kids: Two boys and two girls. He is incredibly abusive toward Celie and a firm believer that women are supposed to be subservient to men. He is deeply in love with a singer named Shug Avery whom he had an open affair with a few years back.

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