The oxymorons in romeo’s dialogue emphasize

Everyone has felt love at one point in their life. It could have been between two people, a pet or even a non-living object. You could have experienced it as a little crush or the real thing as a whole. Some people sometimes will go a lifetime without finding that one person for them, but then there’s other times people fall in and out evolve like it’s nothing to them. You can love many things but the love between two people is priceless. Different types of people experience different kind of love. What one person may think is love another person might think vice versa of that.

How o you really know if you’re in love? That’s the real question here. How are you able to tell if it’s just friendship love or if it could be more? In order to know you have to understand the difference between the two. Most people want to define their Pope of love based off of different experiences. Love can be a very confusing thing but also a great thing. It depends how you encounter it. Love is an essential thing everyone needs it just like fish need water to live. Without love life would be very boring and sad.

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Some people search a lifetime to find their love of their life but for there love comes in and out daily and sometimes not in a good way. Love can be described in many different ways but the most popular is the love between two people because its so unique. Having an establish love between two or more people can build comfort and trust and wholeness. There isn’t an accurate description of love because everyone has a different experience. The main thing people need to understand is the two major types of love which is friendship love and romantic love.

Would you kiss you friend? Maybe, but it’s honestly not necessary. A romantic love is wanting to e or see that person 24/7. They never leave your mind. The two people make life longing decisions. Some make kids and some get married. Then again some friendship love does turn into a romantic love. When that does happen it’s a very strong love the only bad part is that when it all comes to an end the friendship won’t be there because it will be too hard to look at each other again and be “just friends”.

I have encountered many different aspects of love in my life. I love my family, myself, my life and my job. All of these loves play a big role in who am and the choices I make in life. To lose any of these things I wouldn’t be the same person. Just think when you see someone down and not looking happy even if you just give them a half smile and wave it brightens up there whole day because it shows they don’t have love in their life. Love can be healthy but in some cases it can be very unhealthy.

Healthy love shows smiles and laughter never yelling or looking sad. An unhealthy love can be an abusive or verbal harassment where one Of the people is too afraid to get out because they’re afraid they will never be loved again. But in reality that isn’t true. A good example is let’s say your child is acting up and misusing drugs you try to do everything to help them and try to forgive them sometimes that can be unhealthy because they need help, where the right choice is putting them somewhere and not being able to see them till they get the help they need.

A bad trait of love is like let’s say your parents are really rich and they give you gifts to show them there love so that’s how you see love. Then out of nowhere a great guy/girl comes around and is caring and supportive and does everything for you but doesn’t buy you gifts and you eject them because you were raised to see love a different way that would be the worse trait to have. William Shakespeare describes love as being drunk in his play “The Tempest”. It’s like drinking over and over again or even using drugs.

When a person is under the influence all they are is happy never sad. People get that mixed up with romantic love all the time. You can lose all sense in that person and even changed for that person. That’s why most people want the romantic love and notes settle for friendship love. Friendship love is much different than romantic love. You don’t wake up very day with thoughts about that person. It’s more Of a low key type of love because it doesn’t require as much effort as romantic love.

I mean yes don’t get me wrong there is a lot of friendship love that does turn into romantic love but its more from the emotional side that fires up that. “Sometimes the best friendships turn into something more… An everlasting love. “(Unknown) Friendship love has very few rules compared to romantic love. Like the love between to girlfriends is so unique because they tell each other everything and always have their back. Same concept goes for all of the guys friends. The hardest friendship love out there is between a male and female, because of society now a days and all the pressure from other friends and family.

Most male and female friends will cross a line over and over again but it’s because they need to figure out if it’s just friendship love or if there’s more in store for those two. You just have to take chances in life. Most of society describes friendship love as a warm feeling that never goes away. Friends just naturally want to be around each other all the time because most friendships like to hang out all the time and be around that person. Like for instances if your best friend is upset all you’re going to do is try to help them in anyway possible.

Or let’s say your friend is angry at someone then most chances are you will be mad at that other person as well. Friendship love is best describe as sibling love. The reason why is because being only friends with your siblings is just as good as having other friends to comfort you. In our world friend love is encouraged a lot because of how amazing it can be but if two relatives lees say fall in love no one will accept it. Now that we can clearly see a better difference between romantic love and reminders love do we understand it better now?

Maybe but also maybe not that’s okay. No matter who are you will experience love some point in your life no matter who it’s with. Some of you may not agree with the definition that have wrote about but that’s okay. It’s just the fact that you know what love can feel like. Honestly when two people do love each other there’s no room for the hate or bad comments because their love will be so powerful that they won’t even care. Love is very personal it’s just important that it makes you happy and feel good about yourself.

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