Love and Cleanliness

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The phrase “Cleanliness is next to godliness” has a long history and is found in the Bible. It has been extensively discussed orally and in writing, yet no definitive explanation or interpretation can be found despite my research and consultation of dictionaries. Some individuals argue that it refers to maintaining physical cleanliness, while others disagree, stating that personal hygiene does not necessarily result in a stronger spiritual connection with God. Esteemed writers like PJ have also shared their perspectives on this topic.

According to an aide of O’ Rourke, cleanliness gains more importance in a context where godlessness is improbable. There was a debate about the concepts of godliness and godlessness, but different interpretations and distractions made it difficult to understand this statement. Therefore, it is essential to determine the true meanings of cleanliness, godliness, and the entire statement. “Godliness” means being pure, virtuous, and holy which brings one closer to God. On the other hand, “cleanliness” refers to purifying oneself and achieving sanctification. Ultimately, the statement suggests that cleanliness allows an ordinary person to approach God.

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This journey starts with the upkeep of cleanliness in our attire, physical well-being, and environment. It is crucial for all that surrounds us to possess cleanliness and visual appeal. As stated by Addison, “Love is fostered by beauty, but it is maintained by cleanliness.” Moreover, it is imperative to possess a pure and uncluttered mindset devoid of any emotions such as animosity, harm, or actions deemed sinful (referred to as haram). Buddha’s eight-fold path places significant emphasis on upholding mental purity. Once we eliminate impurities stemming from sin in our minds, we can actively partake in noble, affectionate, and virtuous deeds.

The tongue expresses a song of love, brotherhood, and kindness. When actions and words are pure, the result is a pure soul and spirit. When the soul is virtuous and righteous, the purity, holiness, and sanctity of God are not far away. Therefore, cleanliness encompasses the cleansing of clothes, body, mind, heart, conversation, and soul. It is a process with multiple stages that brings one closer to God. This is possibly the level of cleanliness that The Holy Book refers to when it says “God loves the clean”. This is why the essence and foundation of all religions is the cleanliness of every kind.

In his statement, Bacon emphasized that the cleanliness of one’s body is a reflection of their respect for God, society, and themselves. He categorized countries into two groups based on their approach to cleanliness: ‘advanced’ nations prioritize it in every aspect, while others neglect it and subsequently fall behind in different areas. Thus, the advancement of countries is closely linked to cleanliness.

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