Love Medicine Formal Analysis

The story, Love Medicine, is constructed as a chronological story. It does not follow a strict set of chronological events, but contains chronological events that could be characterized as being “loosely” constructed. From reading this story, the narration of it is a bit different. Throughout the chapters of Love Medicine, the narrator is a different for each. When these characters were narrating their part of the story, they did so in first-person narrative as if to have been personally involved. A few chapters, a limited few, can also be en as being told in a third-person narrative as well.

Looking at the type and tone of Love Medicine, it has the feeling of being like the narrators were having a conversation with the reader, similar to how Native Americans passed down traditional stories. The telling Of these stories can be derived from Native American cultures, but also from Ojibwa myths and Euro-Indian experiences. The story beings with a woman dying from walking in a snow storm for a long period of time. That woman’s name is June Morrissey. Throughout Love Medicine, you can see a connection of how important June is and how her hearted sets the tonality and structure of the story.

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There are several themes that occur throughout the story. In particular, between certain characters Lulu, Marie, and Nectar, you experience the theme of love. Other themes that are created within the story include: tricks (deceive), abandonment (loneliness), connection to land (man vs.. Earth), identity (searching for one’s true purpose), self-knowledge (awareness of one’s thoughts and potentials), and survival (learning how to fend for one’s self). Each couple of chapters reveals new, important, exciting, dreadful, love, and mistaking plots, settings, & themes.

In writing my own stories, I can use a similar type of writing style to keep my story interesting, continue to have a moving plot and storyline, and not so much of a story in which the ending can be concluded within the first few chapters. Having these multiple items included in the story’ provides the reader of a “roller-coaster’ effect in which the reader is unbeknownst as to what will happen next This in turn will keep the reader reading as to find out what the next chapter has in store. L, personally, enjoy stories in which the author has created chapters that are impolitely different than the previous.

There is nothing more boring than reading a common and standard storyline in which the reader become bored, tired, and lost as to what is going on. As an author or writer, when you are able to captivate your audience and have them anxious, I believe, you have done your job, as a writer, to create a memorable and exciting story and/or novel. After seeing how Love Medicine is constructed and how completely original it is, this gives me other avenues as how to construct my own set Of twists to incorporate in to my story.

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