Examining Employee Dissatisfaction At Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications based in New York and incorporated in Delaware, was formed on June 30, 2000 with the amalgamation of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp. The amalgamations that formed Verizon were among the largest in U.

S. concern history. Verizon ‘s mission is to enable people and concerns to pass on with each other. Verizon is besides committed to supplying full and unfastened communicating with their clients, little and moderate-sized concerns and sweeping clients in 28 provinces, including Washington, D.

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C. Verizon has an estimation of approximately 250,000 employees.Verizon late merely sold some of their companies such as Verizon South, Verizon North, Verizon California, GTE Florida, and GTE Southwest to Frontier Communications on July 1, 2010. Products and services that Verizon offers are landline, voice over cyberspace protocol, fiber ocular lines, voice mail, radio, picture, and high velocity cyberspace.

Verizon has provided technicians, client service agents, operators, and others with occupation security, chances to progress and derive new accomplishments, and sustainable rewards and benefits.Yet since Verizon was formed in 2000, it has shirked its duties as a public public-service corporation that has had over 25 company-wide layoffs among its employees. Because of the legion layoffs, This is one of the causes that makes the employees at Verizon to be dissatisfied with their occupations. Verizon went from offering employees ‘ gifts, preparation, fillips and outstanding benefit bundles to extinguishing pensions for direction staff, retirement and office parties, rationing office supplies, and supplying in-house methods and processs preparations.

I can retrieve get downing out as a Customer Service Representative hearing the many ailments among the workers about how unhappy they were and how they were fearful that Verizon would put them off. After four old ages working as a Customer Service Rep, I was promoted to Management as a HR Coordinator/Analyst. It was merely when I moved into direction did I hear ailments about day-to-day about employee dissatisfaction with the company.After detecting tonss of employees acquiring their physicians to take them out of work due to emphasize on the occupation, I wanted to look into why employees were so disgruntled with the company.

Because of the badness of employee ailments and issues, I decided to take it upon myself to make an in-house EAP for the employees called the MOVE Group, Motivating Our Verizon Employees until my place was eliminated in November 2008. Harmonizing to the recent OCI Survery, The two top ranking organisational civilization manners for Verizon are Humanistic-Encouraging and Affiliative.The two lowest ranking organisational civilization manners are Avoidance and Oppositional. The natural mark for Humanistic Encouraging is 50 with a percentile mark of 99 % .

The 2nd highest natural mark is for Affiliative 50, ranking in at 99 % . Now for the Avoidance and Oppositional natural tonss, both are 18, with Avoidance percentile mark being 39 % and Oppositional is 24 % ( OCI Circumplex, 4 ) . Harmonizing to the OCI Survey, Humanistic-Encouraging characterizes organisations that are managed in a participative and person-centered manner.Members are expected to be supportive, constructive, and open to act upon in their traffics with one another.

I can certify to that Verizon is a company that cares about the clients, shareholders, and employees, every bit good as value people and processes that create utile alteration. Per the OCI, An Affiliative civilization characterizes organisations that place a high precedence on constructive interpersonal relationships. Members are expected to be friendly, unfastened, and sensitive to the satisfaction of their work group.The affiliative environment that I have seen while working at Verizon is one that encourages bettering personal accomplishments, being friendly, sociable and implement the unfastened door policy.

Verizon has offered its employees the chance to utilize an intranet site that focuses on all these factors related to affiliative through a system called, Net Learn, where you receive a certification upon finishing the class. Avoidance, harmonizing to the OCI, fails to honor success but nevertheless punish errors.Locally, working in the High Speed Internet section, there were two supervisors who were ill-famed for ne’er holding a good remark to state when the employees would salvage a client from traveling to the rival. When it was clip for one-year reappraisals, The employees mentioned that they had to dispute the assessments they received because the workers had cogent evidence of how many orders they created and how many came back error-free, nevertheless, the supervisors felt that the work was merely mean.

As for the Oppositional manner, OCI tells us that this manner is confrontational and negative.Verizon was a company that changed their processs frequently, sometimes day-to-day, merely to remain up to day of the month with client and concern demands, so because of this, Supervisors were required to believe fast and act rapidly, which frequently times led to office struggles. Problem Statement Employee satisfaction is an emotional place that an employee experiences while at work. If employees are unhappy or dissatisfied, despite their best attempts, it is hard for them to hide this factor when interacting with their colleagues, the direction staff, and Verizon clients.

One of the primary grounds for measuring employee satisfaction among the Verizon employees is to place jobs and seek to decide them before they impact the clients. Harmonizing to Mary Rau-Foster, president of Foster Seminars and Communications LLC in Brentwood, TN, Employee satisfaction – or deficiency of it – flexible joints on a productive, carry throughing relationship between staff and direction ; so, the success of any organisation depends on staff members who enjoy their occupations and feel rewarded by their attempts.When companies put employees and clients foremost, their employees are happy, their clients are loyal, their net incomes are increased, and their continued success is sustained. Employee satisfaction and client satisfaction are reciprocally reenforcing.

One possible ground for employees to non be satisfied while working at Verizon is low morale. Low morale is attributed to miss of communicating and trust, negative feedback from supervisors, inflexible working conditions, and departmental layoffs and closings.The intent of this paper is to turn to some of the issues that cause employees to be dissatisfied with Verizon, its effects on client keeping, and possible solutions to better employee satisfaction. As such, the undermentioned research inquiry is posed: What are the factors impacting Verizon employees satisfaction and motive and how make these factors affects their public presentation?In a recent publication, the Conference Board reports that more than half of U.

S. employees are dissatisfied with their occupations, while a survey by Salary. om indicates that 60 per centum of current employees are likely to be seeking for a new occupation within the following six months ( Leader to Leader, 53 ) . Harmonizing to Ian Davidson ( 2004 ) , employees are the most valuable assets a corporation has.

Employees are the accelerator of any organisation. In Gallup polls taken every August from 1989 to 2009, 85 per centum to 94 per centum say they were either wholly or slightly satisfied with their occupations ( Morello, 2010 ) .Motivation and Job Satisfaction There are several theories related to motive in the workplace. Maslow ( 1954 ) rganized five demands into a hierarchy, and Maslow stated the lower order demands must be met before higher order demands could be met.

The hierarchy begins with physiological demands such as thirst and hunger at the lowest degree. Once these demands are satisfied, the safety needs emerge such as shelter and protection.The 3rd degree is the societal demands associated with love, fondness, and belonging. The 4th degree is that of regard ; the demand for self-esteem, self-respect, and regard for others.

After these four demands are met, the last demand is that of growing or self-actualization.In order for a individual to travel to a higher degree of growing, all lower order demands must hold been met. Hertzberg ( 1966 ) based his research on Maslow and presented his motivation-hygiene theory that presented to two basic demands of adult male 1 ) animate being demands related to the environment and 2 ) homo needs related to the work to which adult male is involved. Through his surveies, Hertzberg found five factors that are strong clinchers of occupation satisfaction and several points that cause dissatisfaction.

The occupation satisfiers all relate to adult male ‘s relationship to what he does, including accomplishment, acknowledgment, work itself, duty, and promotion. The dissatisfiers described adult male ‘s relationship to the environment. The points found to do dissatisfaction and to bring forth short-run alterations in occupation attitudes included “ company policy and disposal, supervising, salary, interpersonal dealingss, and working conditions ” ( Hertzberg, 1966, p. 74 ) .

Thinking back to some of the conversations with the employees at Verizon, the factors listed by Hertzberg are parallel to what the employees made ailments about as it relates to them being dissatisfied. Work/Life Issues Work/life issues are used to depict the mundane events of person ‘s life and the manner these issues are affected by work. The work/life issues include burnout, emphasis, equilibrating work and household, and transfer between work and place. The occupation description for the employees at Verizon requires them to be available to work from 8am-10pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 8am-2pm.

Once people begin to work, they can go overwhelmed with the sum of clip they are off from place and their households ( Kutilek, 2000 ) . Because office processs change from day-to-day, The employees are frequently times in developing hebdomadal. Some employees, depending on their public presentation, are asked to go with the directors to different workshops on how to make high velocity cyberspace orders in formats merely understood by technicians so when they are assigned to put in, unplug, or alteration high velocity cyberspace orders, they are treating the orders right.They are besides required to work compulsory overtime and if they do non work the overtime, it will take to disciplinary actions.

Bing off from place this sum of clip can ensue in troubles equilibrating work and household. Commented by Kalliath and Brough ( 2008 ) , Achieving a good balance between work and household committednesss is a turning concern for modern-day employees and organisations. Challenges in equilibrating work and life are going more complex for employees in the public and private sectors, including work agendas, kid and grownup attention concerns, clip concerns, and work outlooks ( Kutilek et al. 002a ) .

Employee turnover Employee turnover is the figure of lasting employees go forthing the company within the reported period versus the figure of existent active lasting employees on the last twenty-four hours of the old reported caput count. When an employee leaves a company, the employee takes with him knowledge and see, that which can non be monetarily measured and that can non be easy recreated.

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