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Explaining a controversy

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    Why is sex education such a controversy in this world? Well, some people think that sex education should not even be taught in school because they think it is the parent’s issue to deal with and not the schools. Some of the same people think that when schools have sex education courses that teach about sex and hand out condoms to protect kids, that the schools are telling kids it is okay to have sex. Some schools are now even putting sex programs in their schools so kids will have somewhere else to go about problems dealing with sex. One of the main controversies of sex education is abstinence. Some writers like Rush Limbaugh, and Tony Snow say abstinence is the only way to go. In ” Condoms: The New Diploma” Limbaugh says, ” condom distribution sanctions, even encourages, sexual activity, which in teen years tends to be promiscuous and relegates to secondary status the most important lesson to be taught: abstinence.” He thinks the only way to prevent getting a disease or not getting pregnant is by abstinence. Ubell also agrees with abstinence and thinks that waiting until marriage is a wise thing to do in, “Sex- Education Programs That Work- And Some That Don’t”. He also talks about how acknowledging that teens are sexually active and using behavior to prevent this can also help with pregnancy and transmitting diseases. Lastly, Snow also thinks that abstinence is the safest way to prevent pregnancy and diseases. Snow mentions that programs that schools are teaching are like cults and they are just drawing the kids in and weakening them. They are not teaching abstinence but fun ways to have sex and to ” increase spontaneity”. In the end, all these authors promote abstinence and nothing else.

    Another part of the sex education controversy is contraceptions. Adam Weisman thinks that condoms should be distributed in school and can help prevent young teen pregnancies and STD’s. Weisman also thinks that birth control clinics should be put in schools. He thinks this approach works and may prevent some births (Birth Control in the Schools). So Weisman is all for handing out condoms in school and programs that in the school’s that will hand out the condoms. Snow, on the other hand, thinks that handing out condoms in the schools and programs in the schools promote sex. Snow says, ” The Programs That Work establish an elaborate system of idiocies, the first of which is that high-schoolers, beginning at age 13, spend an inordinate amount of time fondling condoms.” All in all, Snow thinks that neither condoms nor sex programs that promote sex should be brought into the schools (Sex education programs send students wrong messages). Ubell agrees with Weisman in that handing out condoms only helps protect that it does not hurt teens. He says the best protection is having no sex at all instead of risking getting pregnant or some kind of disease (Sex-Education Programs That Work-And Some That Don’t).

    One of the last controversies dealing with sex education is kids are not wanting to talk to their parents less and less about the issues of sex. In “Birth Control in the Schools, ” Weisman states that teens do not talk to their parents, so this causes some of the teen pregnancies. Then in Limbaugh’s article he thinks that parents should be honest with kids about sex and what they can do to avoid AIDS and other dangers like these. “It is the best way-in fact, it is the only surefire way-to guard against sexual transmission of AIDS, pregnancy, and venereal diseases”(Condoms: The New Diploma). Last of all, Ubell also supports the idea of conversing about sex with parents. He supports the idea of having programs in schools that deal with pressures of everyday sex. So before these programs were started a letter was sent home to the student’s parents detailing the approaches being taken so the parents and student could talk about what was going on (Sex-Education Programs That work-And Some That Don’t).

    In my opinion sex programs should be put in school and condoms should be handed out. Like me, I feel awkward talking to my parents about sex issues. I do not know why but I would rather talk to some one other than my parents, so I am sure there are other kids out there like me that think the only place they can turn is to a program or health department of some sort. That is why I think sex programs and condoms should be handed out in school. However, think about the teenagers out there that are to embarrassed to go into a store and buy a box of condoms. They get so flustered thinking of going into the store that they just do with out and end up paying for some really bad consequence that will affect them for the rest of their life.

    In conclusion, all of these authors believe that abstinence is the only prevention for sex to be taught and that condom distributing should stay out of schools along with sex programs. Abstinence is the only way and the safest way for teens to go and is what should be taught from here on out. Sex education is a big controversy these days and almost beats out the drug controversy and it is going to keep getting better until there is a handle put on teens and sex.

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