First Day on the Job Essay

First Day on the JobMany people look forward to the first day of work at a new job; there are new people to meet, much to learn, and money to be made.

  While I’d had other jobs prior to starting my last job, nothing could have prepared me for the type of work environment that I encountered when I walked in to begin my employment. The first day of my job at a fast food restaurant was less than pleasing.First of all, I didn’t like my job because no one who was working the shift that I was to be trained on was my age.  Everyone was much older and more experienced than I.

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First Day on the Job
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  I knew that if I had to work with these people every day that I would hate it.  There would be nothing to talk about and we would have nothing in common.  They would always be telling me what to do and calling me “young one” or something like that.  I was not looking forward to working with them.

The other thing I did not like about my new job was my manager.  This guy thought he was the commander in chief of the restaurant and barked out commands at people like he was a drill sergeant.  He made one lady cry; needless to say, I was not looking forward to spending my days with him after watching this take place.The first day on my latest job was frightening.

  I didn’t want to work with the people who were there, and I was afraid of my manager.  I am currently seeking other employment!

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