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The Associated the Experiment NT

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So it’s not that people don’t know w or don’t want to do the right thing they just have to have access to the right foods that they know will make their families healthier. If people were given the opportunity and resources t o be healthy then most people would maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not enough access to healthy food is being provided which is putting the health of Americans at risk. As a way to resolve t his issue people need to be informed of ways to eat healthier while maintaining a low budget.

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The Associated the Experiment NT
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In Philadelphia, 5 schools replaced unhealthy foods and drinks that were been provided with healthier options. They also offered rewards for those who decide deed to make smart food choices, for example, a child could choose carrot sticks over fries a ND be rewarded in some way. According to an article by The Associated Press on the experiment NT, “The good news was that the number of children who got fat during the study period WA s half the number of students who got fat in schools that didn’t make these efforts”(Press, The A associated).

Due to what the quote states, the conclusion can be made that given the choice, h Alfa of the population would choose to eat better and become healthier. Most children a ND adults want to have good health, but they can’t receive the kind of food that is necessary to Ii eve a healthy life. If more schools and other public places made the effort to replace “junk” DOD with healthy food then a change in America’s overall health would see a great and positive change.

It said to be true that there is a direct correlation between the number of fast food restaurants and the health of the population in that area; if there is a higher n umber of fast food restaurants than grocery stores, then there is more likely to be a higher r dates of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. “In California as a whole, there are 4. 18 it mess as many fasted restaurants and convenience stores as supermarkets and produce v endorse” (The Food Landscape in San Jose). What this quote is saying is that there are 4. 8 more opportunities to consume unhealthy food than there are opportunities to eat healthy foods.

Thus limiting the accessibility of healthy food to the general public, rest Ting I n the promotion of fatty foods, and the risk of health issues rising. Suppose there were more g rockeries and farmer’s markets than fast food restaurants then the health of the surrounding g population would get better, and the risk of health related issues would decrease. Is the cost of healthy food really higher than that of fast food? The answer is n study has been done to look at the cost of healthy food versus the cost of fast food for a ingle parent, allowance family.

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