Fowler’s Stages of Faith: A Response

Fowler’s Stages of Faith: A Response

            The book, Stages of Faith, written by James Fowler, showcased ideas and frameworks about faith and religion. The book basically showed the readers that faith is holistic, and that  at some point, an individual has a relation to the universe.

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            The introductory  stage, known as Primal or Undifferentiated,  showed the realities that humans experience at a young age. Security among children is formed at this particular stage, making the young ones more attached to their parents. This stage was able to show me that bonds among parents and their children are  formed in childhood. This may look relatively simple, but in reality, this is considered to be very important, especially for families.

            The first stage, known as Intuitive-Projective Faith, however, showed a child’s development as he grows older. Imagination is formed, that can either be an advantage or a disadvantage in the child’s life. Transition, then helps the child to distinguish the things that are right from those that are wrong. Unlike the first one, the second stage shows that what children learn in the earlier years of their life actually become the foundation of their moral beliefs in life.

            The second stage is known as the Mythic-Literal faith. This stage evidently shows what an individual does to fit in a crowd. Due to peer pressure, the thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of the individual are influenced by what people around him believe in. There is a certain sense of struggle felt, and the things that actually happen around them affect the outcome of their belief. Since more comparisons become evident, the individual becomes more curious, leading to confrontations among peers. The conflicts these individuals experience then lead to their transition.

            There are still a few other stages that have been included in Fowler’s book. As these stages progress, so does the relationship between man and his universe.

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