French and Indian War DBQ Sample

The Gallic and Indian War or Seven Years War was a affaire d’honneur for North America. It was a conflict between the British and the Gallic with their Indian Alliess. The war ended in 1763 during the Treaty of Paris when the French seceded all of their North American land to Britain and Spain ( Doc. A ) . As the war continued and ended. there was a progressive bitterness for the British from the Colonists. This bitterness was caused by actions the Mother Country has done. the settlers thought of these actions as unfair and unjust. The seven old ages war caused tensenesss between the British and the Settlers economically by unjust revenue enhancements. politically with the arrest of westbound enlargement. and ideologically by the unjust intervention of colonial officers and soldiers.

The enlargement of boundary lines through the Treaty of Paris in 1763 caused political problem between the settlers and the British. During the Gallic and Indian war the Indians worked with the Gallic with the hopes that get the better ofing the English would hold the westbound enlargement into Indian Territory. The Gallic forfeited all of this Indian land to the English with the Treaty of Paris. Most of the Indians thought that white colonists had no right to settle in these lands ( Doc. B ) . Even after the war ended. there were still active efforts of revenge by the Indians. Leader of these folks. Pontiac. led a barbarous run to drive the Englishmen out of the Ohio Country. They finally overran all but three British stations west of the Appalachians. To avoid future struggle between Indians and the colonists. the British issued the Proclamation of 1763. This announcement prohibited future colony beyond the Appalachians. Settlers were enraged by this statement because they thought they were eventually free to research the land that their great grampss have gotten for them ( Doc. Tocopherol ) . After the war the settlers thought themselves as equal to their British brothers but this announcement increased their ideas that they were “debarred Englishmen’s liberty” ( Doc. D ) .

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After the Gallic and Indian War. their have been increased economical strain between the Settlers and the British. The Mother Country has spent a batch of wealth and people to assist back up the settlements during the war. They had no manner to re-pay their debt and felt as if the settlements gross to pay them back was insufficient. they even kept their military personnels stationed at that place. ensuing in more payments that the settlers had to pay ( Doc. F ) . As clip progressed. the British imposed many Acts of the Apostless and revenue enhancements that infuriated the settlers. Of these Acts of the Apostless. the Stamp Act of 1765 created a big reaction. Many settlers resented this act because it taxed common points like newspapers. matrimony licences. and legal paperss.

The settlers made it obvious that they did non back up this act by the printing of newspapers like the Pennsylvania Journal ( Doc H ) . Many settlers wanted to acquire this act repealed ( Doc. G ) so they created the Stamp Act Congress of 1765. Although the Stamp Act Congress made active efforts to revoke the Stamp Act. it created the thought of nonimportation understandings. These understandings were made by the settlers to boycott goods by Britain. Women besides helped with the boycotting by keeping whirling bees to do home-spun apparels. The nonimportation understandings were ruinous for England because America bough one-fourth of all British goods and half of British transportation was dedicated for the settlements.

During the Gallic and Indian War. many settlers felt proud to be from England and were proud to function the Mother Country ( Doc. C ) . As the war progressed. many settlers were get downing to experience bitterness against the British. Part of these bitternesss was caused by unfairnesss done to soldiers during the war. British Officers did non take colonial soldiers earnestly. frequently believing of them as amateurs. General Wolfe made a remark about the colonial reserves. mentioning to them as “in general the dirtiest. most contemptible. cowardly dogs that you can conceive” . Due to the ignorance of the British Military officers. they refused to acknowledge any American Militia officer above the rank of captain. which demoted and humiliated George Washington. There was one time an blink of an eye when a group of American soldiers did non have any spirits or vesture during winter-time ( Doc D ) . Due to these unfairnesss. Americans no longer felt proud to be a British citizen.

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