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Friar Laurence Romeo and Juliet Monologue

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I will pray for Romeo and will pray for Juliet all night in front of the Lord. What if had told someone about the marriage and the plan to fake Gullet’s death? Maybe they would still be with us. Romeo was such a troubled boy. First it was Rosalie then Juliet. All he wanted was love, and he had found it with Juliet. If only I had disapproved of their marriage then they may still be with us today. I should have told him it was a bad idea, that is would bring only trouble, but it’s too late now.

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Friar Laurence Romeo and Juliet Monologue
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He had come to me asking for approval to e with Juliet, knew it would be a bad idea. Romeo coming from the Montague family and Juliet the Caplet’s. But I had thought that maybe if might end the feud, bring peace to Verona, but all it had done is bring sadness and sorrow. Romeo and Juliet came to me when I was to marry them.

At the time knew of Romeos banishment but I did not know what for. They looked so happy together. I believed that all would be well in Verona soon. But I was so very wrong. They love that Romeo and Juliet had for each other was overwhelming.

When I married them must say the lords light would have been shining upon them at that time. It was to be the last night Romeo would spend with Juliet in Verona. I was glad they were so happy together. Any more sadness in their lives could have been the end for them, but I felt saddened that Romeo had to leave so soon after the marriage. The banishment had taken its toll on Juliet. She was distraught for the fact the she couldn’t see Romeo every second of every day. She came to me with a plan to fake her death and get out of the city to be with Romeo.

I was to send a letter to Romeo telling him it was a set up to get Juliet out of the city, but I couldn’t even do that. The lord must have willed this to happen because why else would he ever let such an act occur? The death of TV so in love, and so young. What if the letter had gotten to Romeo, things would be very different? The feud might have subsided. What if they had found Juliet when she was escaping or as she was waking up? Maybe the lord willed this horrible event to happen for a reason. What if they didn’t die and what happened next was rose?

Well it doesn’t matter now, they are with the lord and that is all that matters. I hope the Caplet’s and the Montage’s have seen what this feud has done to their families and will stop it. It has gone on long enough and has claimed the lives or two of the beautiful children of the family. I must talk with Lord Capsule and Lord Montague and talk some sense into them both. There has been enough blood spilled here to last a lifetime. I must go now and ask the lord to forgive the Caplet’s and the Montage’s for the deaths they have caused.

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