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Romeo and juliet: friar lawrence

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The Friar is not convinced and feels that Romeo is not making very good decisions. Being a very wise man, he warns Romeo to slow down a bit, but Romeo sticks to how he feels boutique throughout the play. At this point, the only good Friar Laurence sees in the relationship is that it could eventually bring together the houses Of Caplet and Montague. This character of Friar Laurence stands firm throughout the play, as he attempts to guide Romeo and Juliet during their struggles.

The next time with Friar Laurence comes into a major part of the story is when he is about to perform the secret wedding ceremony for Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and juliet: friar lawrence
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The Friar still believes that Romeo and Juliet are just infatuated with each other and are not truly in love, but he agrees to marry them anyway. He does this because he still hopes that he could help bring their feuding families together. Friar Laurence sense of duty here identifies him as the “peacemaker” of the play.

Ironically, his intentions were never truly fulfilled because the circumstances surrounding the marriage made it almost impossible for peace to occur. Later, Romeo returns to the Friar again when he is in need of help after he murdered Table. The Friar tells Romeo the good thing is that he has only en exiled, not killed.

He tells Romeo to go to Juliet for their wedding night, and then to travel to Mantra. He promises to keep in contact with Romeo and let him know what is happening with Juliet. In the next scene in which the Friar appears, Paris is asking him to preside over his wedding to Juliet the next day. This causes great conflict for the Friar, because he knows the whole story, and he is very relieved to see Juliet appear at his chamber. After Paris leaves, Juliet begs the Friar to help her in her predicament. As a religious man, the Friar is also looking for a way to avoid doubly marrying Juliet, so he alps her plan her “death”.

He also plans to send a friar to Mantra to notify,’ Romeo about the situation. Here, we see the control that the Friar has over the events that occur. He is still a good man, and keeps trying to correct his mistakes In scene 4, Friar Laurence goes to the Caplet household after Juliet is discovered “dead”, and helps motivate the family to rush their deceased daughter to her funeral service and then to burial.. In Scene 5, Friar Laurence plans begin to fall apart. The letter that he sent to notify Romeo fusiliers scam does not reach him.

The Friar realizes that things have oaten out of hand and that he must go to Gullet’s tomb to be there when she wakes up. Everything that Friar Laurence is attempting to do falls apart. He tries to save Romeo and Juliet, but they both commit suicide, which lays heavy guilt upon the man. He is humiliated when he has to admit his part in the entire scheme, but the Prince believes his story. This does not, however, remove Friar Laurence feeling of personal responsibility. His pure intention of bringing the families together has been attained, but his close relationship with Romeo and Juliet does not allow him to feel happy about the results.

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