Romeo and Juliet Internal Monologue – the Friar

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In this letter, the writer expresses their concern about delivering an important letter to Romeo personally instead of using a mailing service. They do not want the letter to fall into the wrong hands or not reach Romeo at all. They also regret their decision to trust a teenage girl with a fake death poison and feel responsible for the tragic events that have unfolded. The writer is also conflicted about their involvement in the secondary marriage of Juliet and Paris and whether to tell her parents about her relationship with Romeo. They reflect on their career and reputation as a friar and potion brewer and worry about the consequences of their actions. Finally, they acknowledge that many people are responsible for the tragedy that has occurred, including family, friends, acquaintances, and even foes.

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I acknowledge the need to personally deliver this letter to Romeo instead of relying on a mailing service. It is crucial that this important letter does not fall into the wrong hands or fail to reach him altogether. The success of our plan depends on it, and I cannot bear the thought of Friar John delivering it and potentially making any mistakes. I would never forgive myself if that were to happen. Handling something as significant as faking a death requires personal attention. Now that I have come to terms with the inevitability of this situation, I will personally ensure that Romeo receives this letter.

The deaths of their families are to blame, not my sleeping potion. I want to be with Juliet in the church and stay there to keep her alive. I made a mistake trusting a teenage girl with a fake death poison. I understand that anyone would see this as a flaw in my judgment. I am not responsible for bringing them together or supporting an alleged criminal. My sin is the most unholy crime known to man. I am a coward, my thoughts should focus on staying with Juliet.

It is not within my rights to interfere in the union between Juliet and Paris. Conspiring against it would be an error. I ought to inform Juliet’s parents about her relationship with Romeo as soon as possible, or better yet, prevent the marriage from taking place. Nevertheless, it is the Montague and Capulet families who have deemed Romeo and Juliet’s love forbidden, which only adds to its allure. As a reputable merchant of herbs and medicines in Verona, my concoctions can have both positive and negative effects. Though primarily beneficial, my reputation has been damaged.

Something like this will ruin my career as a friar and potion brewer. Will I suffer the same fate of exile as Romeo? I understand why Mercutio died, but Tybalt has always been easily provoked, and I have always known this. He is just as responsible as Romeo. Should I be held accountable for this? I am ready to accept the blame. Many others, including family, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies, will all contribute to the tragic downfall of Juliet and her beloved Romeo.

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