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Romeo and Juliet Internal Monologue – the Friar

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I know I need to deliver this letter to Romeo myself and not trust a mailing service. A letter of such importance must not slip into the wrong hands, or not even reach him at all. This letter is pivotal in everything running smoothly and sending Friar John to pass it on could be a mistake that I do not want to be accountable for. I would never forgive myself for that and a matter as important as a fake death should be dealt with personally.

As have now realized that something like this is bound to happen, will be certain to hand t to Romeo myself.

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Romeo and Juliet Internal Monologue – the Friar
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My sleeping potion will not be the cause of their deaths, their families are to blame. Oh, to be with Juliet now in the church and stay, I will do, to keep her alive. Should never trust a teenage girl with a fake death poison again, what am I thinking? Anyone knows this is a flaw in my judgment and I know this.

Responsible for this, I am not. I did not bring them together through a chance meeting nor will I support an alleged criminal. My sin is the UN-holiest of crimes known to man. Am a coward, stay tit Juliet, should be my thoughts.

It is not my right to be involved in the secondary marriage of Juliet and Paris. Plotting against it is a mistake. I should tell her parents about her an Romeo today, or even better, stop it from happening. However, the Montague and the Capsules are the ones who make Romeo and Gullet’s relationship taboo; this is why they find each other extremely attractive. I am an honorable man who sells herbs and medicines to the people of Verona. My potions cause both good and evil. Mostly good UT my reputation is tarnished.

Something like this will ruin my career, both as a friar and potion brewer. Will I now be banished like Romeo? I understand why Mercuric is dead but Table has always been such an angry man, I have always known this. He is responsible for the same as Romeo. Take the blame for this? I will do. So will many others; family, friends, acquaintances and even foe all will play an important role in the demise of Juliet and her Romeo.

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