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First Impressions are not Always the Same from Second Impressions She was miserable. As miserable Kahlo was she started to become desperate. The bus crash is what turned her life around. She lost the love of her life Alejandro. He was gone and Frida would always have a face full of tears until she met another love of her life. This guy was truly everything Frida wanted. He was a guy who would love painting more than life even more than Frida. His name was Diego Rivera. Diego was an amazing painter and only drew what was on his mind.

Although, Diego would always leave on trips for his paintings and he would be with other women. When Frida finally found out that Diego was cheating on her she was ultimately crushed and she thought her life was the absolute worse to live. A horrible lifestyle she had, but it’s unanimous it would eventually get worse. My first interpretation of Frida Kahlo from looking at her painting was that she was a strong person to achieve hope from having a child which was painted in the picture. Kahlo’s painting, “The Love Embrace of the Universe”, has Frida Kahlo holding a baby.

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The baby represents Diego because of how immature he is towards Kahlo after he has an affair. Also, the baby represents how Kahlo wasn’t able to have her own child because when she was pregnant from Diego she was forced to have an abortion because of the bus accident. In addition, my first impression of the painting was that she saw the universe through her eyes, but I learned how Kahlo drew the painting as the universe revolves around her and it’s the pain the earth goes through just to survive and live the next day. She shows that her love of nature meant that having many hardships lead to having faith.

Even though her misery is increasing her faith is also increasing as well. She learned that when life throws you down to the ground you have to try and make the most of it and get up and become the strongest person you could ever be. Based on this information, Frida was facing tough hardships. Frida has yet to discover her faith. Many readers are enlightened to the fact that having many struggles in life leads to having faith. Kahlo was often feeling miserable and what researchers came up with was when you go through hard times you’re going to start relying on god.

As readers first thought to believe was that Kahlo kept feeling more and more miserable from the way she drew her love of the universe from her painting. The true meaning behind this was describing her life. The moon and the sun represented her parents. In addition, the unique drawing of Mother Earth as an elegant and majestic woman on the painting shows Kahlo having insecurities that the world is going through tough times. She is making the viewers of the painting as her being the Earth. Being miserable from a bus accident is one thing, but being miserable because you lost your loved ones is just terrible. The Love Embrace of the Universe” has a drawing of Frida Kahlo holding a baby with a third eye. The first interpretation of the baby was that Kahlo had a child and represented her hardships and struggles of life. Also, the third eye on the baby represents diversity. All humans in this world have one thing in common and that’s diversity. Although, from learning about Kahlo’s life from “Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo” the baby is actually the love of Kahlo’s life. Diego Rivera represents the baby in the painting.

Diego was a huge burden on Kahlo because he was cheating on her and Kahlo found out and called Diego a baby. In addition, the baby represents how she was pregnant from Diego. She wanted a baby, but because of the bus accident she was forced to have an abortion. The book described how she wasn’t able to have a child because of the horrific accident that occurred to her. Kahlo was a caring person. What also brought more to her misery was that she wasn’t able to have that baby. That ultimately crushed her, but her misery doesn’t end from there. Kahlo’s life was based on misery, but her faith was increasing.

Based on the painting, the first interpretation of the spirit in the painting was that Kahlo was a believer of god. She faced a lot of tough struggles, but the painting was depicted to be her as a spirit. Even though she had faith, the interpretation of her as a spirit was just her looking at the world through her eyes. The world is being destroyed and the spirit is holding the world. It represents her love of people and all of the living things. In addition, Kahlo doesn’t have a baby, but she paints herself as a god that looks after the world.

It doesn’t mean that she didn’t believe as god. It means that her faith has strengthened after her tough times on the planet Earth and so she explained it to everyone through “The Love Embraced of the Universe”. She believed in herself that she can get through these struggles if she kept the prayers of god in her mind. This all reveals that Kahlo had a spiritual life in which she kept within herself when she went through the worst times that anyone could have gone through. There’s always a good and bad side of any moment on the world. “The Love Embraced of the

Universe” shows two sides of the painting. The left side of the painting is dark, gloomy, and camouflaged side with the moon hovering which is depicted to represent the harsh times of Frida Kahlo. The right side has a light shade of green with white clouds and the sun hovering which is depicted to represent the good times of Kahlo. It actually represents the way we all are. We all have good things in us that help us get through the horrible struggles. Also, a stronger person is developed when you have a lot of good things happening. There weren’t that many good things for Frida.

The other side represents the misery and how a black cloud always follows her around wherever she goes. She is being seen as a very unlucky person. That doesn’t stop Kahlo from keeping her self together. She tries her hardest to have a stable relationship with Alejandro, but Alejandro’s selfishness got the better of him and he fled to Europe away from Kahlo. The next thing that happened to her is that Diego was having an affair with her. The loves of her life and they were immature to not stay with a poor woman who has been through a life threatening experience.

She kept her head up and she painted for what was always on her mind. The universe was the only thing that kept her alive so she drew the universe through her eyes and became a much stronger person. She finally realized that this life that we’re on is supposed to be worth suffering for. Those struggles are good because they help make you a stronger person in the end of your long, hard, and bloody fight. Living things are put on this Earth for a reason, but what is it? Yes, Kahlo was very miserable and for that she kept her barriers up. The plants in the painting are drawn with thorns.

The interpretation of the thorns from the viewer’s perspective was that she drew the thorns on the plants because it represents a shield. The shield is used to protect her from anything that could potentially kill her. The bus accident that nearly killed her didn’t kill her because Kahlo had the shield that she needed all along. The shield was her love of Alejandro. Her love of Alejandro kept her strong and she knew she was going to see the day of life. So she kept her guard up and kept her head high and she managed to escape the burden of staying in a hospital for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, Alejandro never replied back to her from her letters so her shield started to become much weaker. Her shield’s level of protection dropped even more when she finally found out that she wasn’t able to have a baby and was forced to have an abortion. The shield finally vanished once she noticed that Diego was cheating on her. Her struggles started to increase with black clouds and her life was the worst to live. Having doubts in your life could lead to insecurities. The painting shows stages of Frida Kahlo of how she lived her life.

Her hair starts up in the front of her body which the viewer’s point is that she had a lot of insecurities. Her hair is moved from the front to the back by the stages of how Kahlo is growing in the painting. Once her hair was finally pushed back that showed the level confidence she needed to get over the problems she had in the past. The last stage of Frida Kahlo when she is drawn as a spirit she has her hair all in the back which means she finally got through the struggles she needed to. Diego kept her down and out, but Kahlo kept her head as high as she possibly could and finally was able to put her hair all the way in the back.

She finally knew the purpose of life and it isn’t about having the greatest times. The purpose is that life has its ups and downs, but it’s mostly going to be the worst times. Her faith in god leads her to believe that life is definitely worth suffering for. Believe that life is worth suffering for than your faith will grow stronger than ever and that’s exactly what Kahlo did. Frida Kahlo’s painting, “The Love Embraced of the Universe”, shows that her life is based upon her life threatening torture.

The torture that she suffered from her bus accident was absolutely terrifying because nobody knew if she was going to make it to the next day and tell the story. The experience shows that her faith helps her through problems and all the struggles that life throws at her even though she might have faced the toughest situations ever. She never gave up on herself or her faith. Also, her problem with Alejandro leaving her eventually got better when she met a new love of her life which was Diego. Diego was there for her, but unfortunately loved to paint more than her.

He wasn’t able to stick around because he had an affair with her. This type of struggle impacted her life, but it appears she kept hope and she grew stronger through her years of progression. In conclusion, Frida Kahlo has kept her hope and faith to be kept alive. Her level of confidence increased from her years of progression and her life learning experiences. Works Cited Herrera, Hayden. Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo. New York: Harper & Row, 1983. The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Diego, Me and Senior Xolotl. 1949. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Riquelme.

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