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Patriotism has been viewed as both a positive and a negative force. and both places have been demonstrated today and throughout history. It is the biggest societal and political force of the universe. It unifies people and makes them stronger. It can take to a stable economic system. nationalism and even chauvinism. But. one could reason that all these things. particularly ultranationalism have had bad effects such as offenses against humanity. fascism and overcasting a nation’s ability to interact decently with the remainder of the universe.

In my sentiment patriotism is merely a positive force among people who portion the same chauvinistic position. When every state is looking out for it’s ain national involvement this creates fight to be on top. Conflicting nationalities have caused the great wars we read about today. bondage. deceases. and international jobs. Patriotism does supply more strength and power but frequently at the cost of other states. Therefor it has had few benefits internationally. It has lead us to trust on military forces to work out jobs and made us look off from the involvements of our adjacent states.

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A good illustration of this would be after World War One. France and Britain had both signed pacts go forthing them in control of much of the in-between eastern districts and peoples. France and Britain had antecedently agreed to split up these districts harmonizing to cultural. cultural and spiritual nationalities. To thank the Arabic people for assisting them fight the Turks and Germans they promised them their ain independent place land. But their trueness to the contract was non delivered. Oil had late become valuable and the Alliess were concerned about procuring a beginning. So alternatively the Arabic people were scattered throughout different states and forced to portion their state province with several different cultural groups. The Arabian people were insulted and betrayed. But the Alliess were far excessively concerned about acquiring their ain oil beginning and believed they should be looking out for their ain national involvement before anybody else’s. Many states like Iraq. and Lebanon are besides rich in this profitable resource so many racial groups like the Iraqis were non given their promised nation-state either. They were separated from each other and divided into little parts so that more settlements could be set up in the oil rich countries.

In 1928 Germany was badly fighting economically. The pact of Versailles had left them with 1000000s of dollars to pay in war debt. land loss. limited military and 650. 000 people unemployed. High rising prices and political instability continued to be a job and the struggling German people had a weak sense of nationalism. Then in 1933 Adolf Hitler was offered the place of Reichstag. Immediately Hitler began taking control of all media to alarm the German people about the immoralities of communism. and that if they joined him they would have the money. power and retaliation they deserved. The election held afterwards revealed the people of Germany agreed with him. Soon the Nazi group was created. Though it started out little. the Nazis were shortly everything and everyplace. The Nazis created 1000s of occupations by bring forthing monolithic war arms from German mills.

This offered employment. and enabled Germany to in secret reconstruct their ground forces. The Nazis positively effected every facet of German life including instruction. nines. and heath. The Nazi symbol of the Hakenkreuz was proudly hung everyplace. Patriotism returned one time once more. Germany was now a individual party province and the people no longer had to worry about being mistreated by Communists. In 1935 they had officially stabilized their economic system and were strong plenty to get down occupying environing states. And by 1938 Germany had risen back to the affluent European world power it one time was.

Though the people of Germany benefitted from Nazi patriotism this was non the instance for everyone. Hitler believed Germany was in demand of cultural cleaning. and that the Nazis should non dwell of any non-nationalist truenesss or cultural pluralism. He labeled the Jews as “foreigners” who invaded their economic system and took off occupations. The Nazis created a Judaic race murder. besides referred to as the Holocaust. Over six million Jews were viciously murdered by the German Nazis. They were shot. stabbed. crush up and sent to concentration cantonments. All subsisters were forced to travel into concealment. By 1945 merely one tierce of the Judaic population was still alive. Though the Judaic state was the most affected the Nazis besides killed 1000000s of Freemasons. Jehovah informants and any other political party members. The Nazis committed offenses against humanity though. to their benefit. they did supply prosperity for their state.

By the start of the great depression Japan had already began losing several major merchandising spouses. Therefore their figure of exports had decreased drastically. go forthing many Nipponese people unemployed. Famine had besides began to take it’s consequence due to rice harvest failure. To do affairs worse Japan was running out of natural resources seting a arrest to their industrial revolution. So in 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria. China in hopes to get down making an Asiatic imperium and obtain more resources such as oil. gum elastic and break one’s back labour. As Japan began occupying more countries of China and Asia they took pride in their successful war leaders and developed a corporate consciousness of their military achievements. Soon the Nipponese authorities was military operated and their passion and dedication to patriotism had besides developed into chauvinism. This was decidedly proved official when the Japanese invaded the metropolis of Nanjing and murdered over 200 500 citizens including kids. They burnt all the houses. stole cowss. and left 1000s of dead organic structures in the streets. But by making this the Nipponese people were no longer hungry. unemployed and alternatively rich in resources.

Japan’s chauvinism was highly baleful. and many states like the United States were concerned that they would ne’er give up. President Harry. S Truman believed that if they were to occupy in September. 1945 as planned about 250 000 American soldiers would decease. and their ground forces would be weakened. Truman was non willing to give his military so on August 6. 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and three yearss subsequently another in Nagasaki. Japan had no pick but to give up and World War Two was over. The United States got the speedy stoping they wanted and saved their peoples’ lives. Unfortunately for Japan the effects of the atomic bomb were lay waste toing. The two metropoliss were wholly ruined and the decease toll was over 140 000 people. Many of those who did last died later of famishment or illness. Even old ages after the bomb was dropped it still affected people.

The high radiation had caused 1000000s more to decease of leukaemia and other malignant neoplastic disease related illnessesAnother illustration of chauvinism would be the Rwandan race murder in 1994. Since most state provinces are transnational it is non surprising that there are many differences over national position. The two taking ethnicity’s in Rwanda are the Hutus and Tutsis. But during the Belgian regulation they were seen more as an economic position. Hutus intending hapless and Tutsi significance rich. When the Belgians left Rwanda they granted governing political power to the Tutsis whom they favored. But the Hutus believed that since they held the bulk of the population they should be commanding the authorities and in 1962 took over by force. The Hutus were invariably runing against the Tutsis convincing others that they were enemies of the state. and deserved to decease for the old adversity they had caused.

In April 1994 a plane transporting president Habyarimana was blown up by an unknown taw and the Hutus were convinced the Tutsis were responsible. Propaganda runing on the wirelesss were stating all Hutus to kill the national enemy- the Tutsis. It was said that if Tutsis were non killed they would destroy the civic state the Hutus had built. The race murder so began. In merely one hundred yearss the Hutus had already slaughtered over 500. 000 people. The overall estimated decease toll was about 800. 000 people. It was one of the biggest Genocides in history. all because the Hutus wanted to protect the civic state they had created. . To this twenty-four hours many Hutus still believe it was necessary for their endurance.

Patriotism has besides effected the manner states deal with war refugees. Afghanistan has been a victim of war for over 20 old ages. go forthing many of it’s citizens to fly to neighbouring states for safety. Both Pakistan and Iran had refugee cantonments that were home to 1000000s of Afghani refugees. Many of these cantonments had been unfastened for old ages and though several organisations had contributed money it was still dearly-won to maintain these cantonments open. Neither of the states were in the economic place to maintain these cantonments open for such a big sum of refugees. particularly since they were non even citizens of the states they occupied.

Therefore. last February Pakistan closed the largest refugee cantonment in the country. and many Afghans left for place where they would confront the dangers of absolute poorness and struggle. But with the cantonment closed Pakistan battles less economically. Iran besides discovered that because of the high population of Afghani’s in their state they were seeing a higher figure of terrorist activities. Therefore. they forced out 90 000 refugees go forthing them with nowhere to travel but “home” . But by acquiring rid of refugees Iran and Pakistan have avoided economic adversity andstruggle. They both made these determinations to protect their ain chauvinistic involvements.

Patriotism can besides take to a type of fanatism that can take. although non to the extent of war. to contending among states. Many states show their pride by back uping their squads in such things as the Olympics. and the most popular athletics worldwide. association football. The Euro cup is one of the biggest athleticss events and states from all around the universe come to watch and back up their squad. They frequently have flags. jerseies and tend to demo off for their state. But when people have so much nationalism and pride for their state sometimes the national competition becomes bigger than the game itself and the competition is no longer merely on the Fieldss but it the bases and on the streets. Several instances of such force have been reported.

In decision. although patriotism has pulled peoples together to the benefit of their ain state. the agencies used have frequently been harmful to other states involved. It’s good that every state has it’s ain distinguishable individuality to make a sense of belonging and pride. so that it’s people will desire to lend to the cause and good being of their state. But to what extent patriotism can be considered a positive force depends upon the usage of force and unfair intervention of other distinguishable states or sub-nations. In such instances nationalism leads to the death of peoples.

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