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Friendship and Zebra

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In the short story “Zebra” by Chaim Potok, it takes place by a school playground and a classroom. One of the main characters is a boy named Adam Zebrin, or Zebra which is his nickname. Another character is John Wilson, he at first a man digging through the trash but turn out to be an art teacher. The story is about a Zebra a boy who loves to run but faces a dilemma when something horrible occurs. Then a man comes along and he turns out to be a art teacher and he helps Zebra reach his goals.

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Friendship and Zebra
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Zebra is a boy that loves to run, one day he was running but got hit by a car and that put a stop to his dreams of running. One day during recess he was sitting by a fence because his hand hurt, he saw a man digging through trash and asked his name, the man said his name is John Wilson. Later he found out that he was the summer art teacher and everyone encouraged him to join the class, so he did.

After he joins the class, John Wilson tells everyone they did a great job.

After a few says John Wilson sends Zebra a letter enclosed with a picture of Zebra’s picture by the Vietnam War veterans’ wall. Zebra is very touched at this and they stay good friends for a long time. I think that the author’s message is that friends can be found in the most unlikely places. For example, Zebra becomes friends with a strange man off the streets that turn out to be his art teacher! I bet before Zebra would have never thought that he would become friends with a stranger off the streets.

But this goes to show that friends can be found anywhere, at anytime, and it can be anyone. My most favorite part of the story is when Zebra tells the story of the bird that breaks his wing and dies. It’s my favorite part because it is very deep and it kind of shows how Zebra feels after his accident. I think he feels very sad, depressed, and has no one to turn to or anyway to let himself free. I connect to this because sometimes I get sad and no one usually understands why I’m sad but yet sometimes I don’t understand why I’m sad either.

But I’m lucky to have good friends that support me and I’m glad that Zebra had John Wilson to help him through his tough time. Zebra never thought that he was going to become friends with John Wilson but they did, and that helped them both with their losses, even though they are very different. After Zebra took the art classes he slowly get better even though all his family and his doctor said that it was going to take a long time to heal his hand and leg. But the classes helped a lot and he made a new friend that will stay with him forever.

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