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Case Study of Google

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In 1996, they created a search engine called ‘Backrub’s’. Google started its Journey from a garage. Today Google has more than 702 offices in more than 40 countries around the globe. Headquarter – 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, ACACIAS. Area served-worldwide. Employees- 53,861 sales- $50. Bib Website- www. Google. Com Focus: Google continues focus on innovation and on the user experience. Philosophy of Google: 1. It’s best to do one thing and do it well; 2. Fast is better than slow; 3. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer; 4.

You can make money without doing evil; 5.

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Case Study of Google
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The need for information crosses all boarders; . You can be serious without a suit; 7. Great Just is not good enough. Google’s Culture: 1. Heart of small company; 2. Hand’s on contribution to the products by each employee; 3. Flat hierarchy; 4. Each employee having several responsibilities in different departments; 5. Hiring policy-Non discriminatory -Preference of ability over experience 6. Multilingual company environment; 7. Multi domestic culture; 8. Recreation along with work; 9. Common cafe for all employees.

History: In 1997, Backrub’s was renamed as ‘Googol’.

Googol means 10100 and the same year Google becomes Google Inc. Finally in 1998, the homepage was launched. In 1999, Google redesign the logo. In 2000, Google Towards was created with 350 customers. For any business advertise online it is a quick and easy way. In 2001, it launched its international office in Tokyo, Japan and introduced Google images with 250 million images. In 2002, Google news was launched with 4000 news resources online. In 2004, it launched Social Networking site-Roost. In 1st April 2004, Gamma goes live started with 1 KGB storage space.

In 2005, a Google map was created. It name is ‘Google. It contains personalized homepage. In the same year Google talk was launched. In 2006, Youth Join Google. In the same year, it converts to ‘cloud based computing’. It contains many Google APS. In 2007, Android mobile operating system is announced. In the same year Google launched ‘Street View’ in 5 U. S cities. In 2008, Google is 10 years old and it introduced one web browser. Its name is Google Chrome. It is very faster, easier and safer. In the same year, it announced world’s first Android mobile phone. Company name is VT-mobile’.

In 2009, Google was developed one operating systems Google Chrome SO. It is a Linux based operating system. In 2011, Google launched Google+. It is a social networking service. Major Product: Google provide a variety of services for people and businesses. Here is a glimpse at what they offer. Google demanded that perfect search engine as something that ‘understand exactly what we mean and gives us back exactly what we want’. It provides a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web. For example- cloud computing for businesses that save money and help organizations be more productive.

One thing that has not changed in Google’s belief that the endless capabilities of the internet itself. Major Competitors/Players: Google’s has managed many big names during it process from hero to zero. But there still many companies which are competing hard with Google. Google have to work hard and hard (as it’s doing right now) to stay at the top. The big Google competitors are – 1. Yahoo! Group: Yahoo is still a strong competitor of Google because Yahoo is still offering a lot of products like, Yahoo mail, Messenger, Yahoo Chat, Yahoo web tools, Yahoo News, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Music and a lot of other good products are till from Yahoo.

We think Yahoo is a big competitor for Google because it is well set up network in the internet world and it can compete in different fields with Google. 2. Microsoft: Google is also trying to get success in Computer industry. Google in the competition of Computer industry with Microsoft. If Google want a big name in Computers and Operating systems then it have to make more good stuff( Good then Microsoft ) because Microsoft is on the top in Computers. 3. Apple: In the Semaphore’s race Google have launched its Android operating system which is on he top now but it still face strong competition from Apple and windows Semaphore’s. . Face book: It is also a strong competitor for Google in coming future. 5. Amazon: Here is another big name from the internet world; Amazon is also offering many great products like Alex. Com, Amazon store, Amazon affiliates and most importantly the kindles. Now Amazon is making good with Kindle e-book readers and these e-book readers are now very famous worldwide and these are also very affordable. Amazon competes with Google for its Affiliates and e-books and in market elated to these Amazon is really giving tough time to Google. . Twitter: Twitter is another popular social network which comes after Face book in the ranking. While we talk about Twitter as competitor of Google then we consider only Google plus not all on the Google Products. Because Google plus is away ahead from the top positions in social networks but Twitter is still at second. 7. Maxilla: Maxilla is one of the most talented software company in this online world and it have got all the things which are essential to compete with Google. Its Firebox browser is good enough to compete tit Chrome.

Market Position: Google enjoys the bulk of the UK search engine market share handling 88071% of all quires ahead of Yahoo with 3. 30% and Microsoft with 6. 26%. Objective: The objectives of this presentation ‘Google’ are- 1 . Google correlating personal traits from the employees answer to their performance as the basis for screening Job candidate is geared towards hiring the person who is best suited for the specific organization culture. 2. Recruitment and selection should include procedures should be directed towards the need and purpose of the organization.

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